Qualification Model Rover Demonstrator for Deep Drilling
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QMRD3 Axle New.stl
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QMRD3 ROUGH DRAFT 2-10-19.f3d
QMRD3 Retainer Washer.stl
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QMRD3 Screenshot 2.PNG
QMRD3 Screenshot 3.PNG
QMRD3 Steering Coupler.stl
QMRD3 Steering Front Corner.stl
QMRD3 Steering Knuckle.stl
QMRD3 Thrust Washer.stl
QMRD3 Wheel Decimated.stl
QMRD3 Wheel Print Info Stock CR10S5.PNG



Qualification Model Rover Demonstrator for Deep Drilling

Thanks to Roger-random, who created the amazing Sawppy rover on which this design is based.

Note: This rover uses the following bearing in 28+ locations: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3116838 The bearing is a remix and therefore is released under a separate license and is maintained on Thingiverse. Thanks to Zh4x0r for creating the parametric model with an integral lip, and thanks to Emmett for inventing the gear bearing and completely changing the game.

This project is intended to be a testbed for future work on developing Mars ice drilling technologies. It would not be possible without the pioneering work by Github user Roger-random, who created the amazing Sawppy rover on which this rover is based. The Sawppy is a truly amazing and elegant design at an affordable price.

Unfortunately, this rover is not cheap. The wheels are around $100 each to print.

Stay tuned as the rest of the parts get updated and added to this repository. A "junk-draft" Fusion 360 archive is provided. The front wheel, steering knuckle, bearings, axle, etc are the only things that are completed. The steering knuckle will work at all four corners. The non-steering knuckle has not been updated. None of the extrusion connections have been finished since scaling up from Sawppy.

You can find more about Roger's original Sawppy rover at https://hackaday.io/project/158208-sawppy-the-rover and https://github.com/Roger-random/Sawppy_Rover

You can find more about the Mars Drilling Project at http://www.quinnmorley.com/2018/09/the-mars-drilling-project.html