Active Merchant library for integration with order fulfillment services
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ActiveFulfillment Build Status

Library for integration with order fulfillment services.


Add to your gem file, and run bundle install.

gem 'active_fulfillment'


# The authentication options differ per service.
service = ActiveFulfillment.service('name').new(login: 'abc', password: 'def')

# To fulfill an order:
service.fulfill(order_id, shipping_address, line_items, options = {})

# To find out how much stock is left
service.fetch_stock_levels(options = {})

# To obtain tracking numbers.
service.fetch_tracking_numbers(order_ids, options = {})

The options hash is used to set service-specific options. See for the API documentation.

Other information

  • This project is MIT licensed.
  • Contributions are welcomed! See for more information.