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0eebee7 @jamesmacaulay first commit
jamesmacaulay authored
1 .DS_Store
64a1348 FedEx carrier class now returns rates for both Ground and Express ser…
Jimmy Baker authored
2 test.xml
3 sample.rb
0eebee7 @jamesmacaulay first commit
jamesmacaulay authored
4 *.orig
35a923b @edward Made Active Shipping into a gem
edward authored
5 pkg
c4d6a41 @odorcicd Add Gemfile, use Bundler::GemHelper
odorcicd authored
6 .dotest
cc24d1a @wvanbergen Fix Gemfiles to make sure the right versions of activesupport are loaded
wvanbergen authored
7 Gemfile*.lock
6f82d70 @shirjeel-alam Added rvmrc to gitignore
shirjeel-alam authored
8 .rvmrc
c248236 @redronin Starting to add Canada Post PWS carrier for tracking and rates
redronin authored
9 test/fixtures/live_credentials.yml
391d2cc @jnormore Adds .rbenv-version to gitignore. Removes ruby-debug dep
jnormore authored
10 .rbenv-version
b59d56e @wvanbergen Document ActiveShipping::Carrier using yardoc.
wvanbergen authored
11 .yardoc/
738f738 @wvanbergen RDoc additions and fixes for the different Response classes.
wvanbergen authored
12 doc/
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