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UPS Price incorect #120

shuhrat10 opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Return wrong price from API Server

UPS Online Calculator return 9.75
API Return 9.71

@packages = [ 2, [10,10,10], :units => :imperial ) ]

  @origin =  :country => 'US',
                        :state => 'DC',
                        :city => 'WASHINGTON',
                        :zip => '20015',
                        :address_type => 'residential')

  @destination = :country => 'US',
                        :state => 'NY',
                        :city => 'BROOKLYN',
                        :zip => '11201',
                        :address_type => 'residential')

What is the difference between what we are generating and what the online calculator is generating?

Does the online generator give example XML on how to send the correct response? Until we get more information, all this issue tells us that we are using the API incorrectly somehow, but not how or why


Hi @shuhrat10
FYI by default pickup_type is set to "daily_pickup"(options[:pickup_type] || :daily_pickup), so you have manually pass pickup_type in options otherwise you will get the rates for wholesale instead of retail.


@sachin004 so if I understand correctly this isn't an actual bug but more a crappy documentation problem?


@csaunders Yes, you are correct its more of a documentation issue. It would be helpful for new developers if we could provide basic information(like assumptions that we are making in the code base), which helps to avoid to go through entire code base.


@csaunders I think this issue can be closed now.


:heart:Cool! Thanks for the feedback.:heart:

I'm going to keep the issue open since there is a problem, it's just not a technical one. Updating docs will be required to close this.

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