Dashing is no longer maintained #711

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As of today, Dashing is no longer being actively maintained. That doesn't mean that it's going away, though. This repo will still be around as reference for all to use.

Dashing was built to be a simple project to quickly hack together dashboards. There were plans for a 2.0 version, but unfortunately those had to be put aside as we've significantly reduced our use of Dashing internally ( a lot has been moved over to DataDog ). Apologies for the pull requests that did not get merged. I wanted to keep this project as simple and stripped down as possible so that it was easy for people to read the source and pick it up. For those learning ruby, it's a great library to tinker with, and for those with more experience, it provides a great base to expand upon.

I am extremely blown away by the popularity this little gem has managed to attract. The large list of community widgets and all of the help answering issues and Stack Overflow questions is greatly appreciated. An especially large thanks goes out to @tylermauthe who has gone above and beyond to help maintain this project in recent times.

I have no doubt that Dashing will still be useful for years to come. Keep it classy!


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batman.js #498

brint commented Apr 12, 2016

😢 We've used dashing for tons of dashboards over the years. Thanks for all the work you put in to make dashing a thing.


Thanks for the shout out and all your work creating Dashing and making it the simple, yet powerful tool it is.

Dashing was the first Ruby project I took a real interest in and got involved with -- because I love data, Ruby and visualizations. The simplicity and readability of the source really showed me how elegant Ruby can be. It was immediately evident that this was a tool made with love by developers for developers.

I'm happy to have been a part of the journey and I'm sure that Dashing will still enlighten a few as to the elegance of Ruby.

micke2k commented Apr 12, 2016

So @tylermauthe, when are you forking and continuing development ? :)

Also thanks for all the work made so far by everyone!


@micke2k I don't have enough time to spare for that sort of effort at the moment -- maybe in the future (unless someone beats me to it!)

micke2k commented Apr 13, 2016

Alright, i will keep a look out 👍



Thanks for everything thus far.


Thanks guys!


Thanks! I think we will be using this for a while yet regardless 👍


I had lots of fun with Dashing and very much enjoyed contributing a few widgets myself! Thanks for this awesome little framework. :)

bscott commented Apr 21, 2016

@pushmatrix Thank you for such a awesome project!, have you tried transfering ownership to others as DataDog is a cool product, some folks can't justify the $ to move over to it.

anatol commented Apr 22, 2016

Just found this great project. And also learned that it had been abandoned :(

pushmatrix@, could you hand off the project ownership to some other developer?

davefp commented Apr 25, 2016

@pushmatrix Thanks for keeping Dashing going all this time, and congrats on building one of the most popular dashboard projects out there. You're awesome 👍


I created first monitoring dashboards at Deezer with Dashing... Very sad to see this thread :(

Thanks for all @pushmatrix ! Dashing is a great project :)


Used Dashing for over 2 years. If there's enough interest, it should be continued to be maintained.

anatol commented Apr 25, 2016

Agree that such a useful project should live and kept developing.

@pushmatrix, could you please move dashing to a github organization and add a few current active contributors?

krongk commented Apr 26, 2016



I hope someone will adopt this neat piece of FOSS.
Are there any good alternatives for a self-hosted dashboard?

davefp commented Apr 28, 2016

I've been building a Dashing clone that uses React on the frontend for a while now: https://github.com/davefp/handsome

It's still a work in progress and doesn't have anything in the way of integrations yet, but if anyone is interested in helping out or using it they can get in touch with me!

jetrois commented May 4, 2016

Sad to see it go I didn't know thee well.

VectreUK commented May 19, 2016 edited

I've forked it and moved it over to an org. Don't know how useful it will be but here's the link. https://github.com/Dashing-io/dashing. Will be adding contributors soon, just hit me up with who I should be adding.

casdr commented Jun 3, 2016 edited

Thank you for creating this great piece of software. We're running Dashing at 8 displays and I've been working on building widgets for internal tools.

I think we should set up an "official" fork which the current repo will redirect to. This way the Shopify team won't be bothered anymore but it will be still centralized.

fuzzy76 commented Jun 7, 2016

Would you be willing to link to the new fork on the homepage and in the readme?


And do you agree that some new fork continues to use the current name "dashing"?

kinow commented Jun 12, 2016

Happy to contribute and keep using the fork (that's Dashing-io/dashing right?).


@fuzzy76 @webmaster128 Yes of course!

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dashing.io no longer maintained #394


@pushmatrix Seems that there's some critical mass behind https://github.com/Dashing-io/dashing

Can you point references from http://dashing.io/ & https://github.com/Shopify/dashing to this new organization to help maintain this code base?

It seems that there are already 52 people contributing there (which is amazing) but all of the documentation still points to the discontinued code github project page.

Thanks @fuzzy76 @AlexMorasUK and of course the original team (was this entirely a Shopify project that was open-sourced?)!

ps. @pushmatrix looks like most of the developers are in Ottawa. Hopefully we meet in person at some point and I can buy you a beer for this neat project.


@mgifford Do you consider 3 commits a critical mass? As far as I can see, those 52 comitters are from the original project. AlexMorasUK never contributed anything to the original code.

Would be great to see some people maintaining a fork, who have been active in the original project and knowing the code structure.

kinow commented Jul 16, 2016

@webmaster128 there are some people already involved, talking in GitHub, working on issues, but you are correct none has committed yet (I think).

There is already one pull request that I think would be useful, but not sure about security (Smashing/smashing#7). I don't want to start committing things without a consensus from the newly formed team and the rest of the community - and I believe others feel the same way.

Different from other projects, where a fork started with some of the previous committers, this fork has been created as the committers stopped working on the code base. So it is expected that there may be a hiatus until the members of the newly created group get to know each other.

We are slowly getting to know each other, and talking about the issues we have, and how to fix. You can contribute there if you'd like 😃


Hey, just wanted to say that I started the org as a way to move everything over to a new place so we could start again, in a sense, by moving away from Shopify. Only reason I haven't taken an active part is because I was planning on doing a little bug-hunting and fixing however work and school took over. Just a little update for y'all.


@AlexMorasUK @kinow @mgifford I really welcome the effort and as a user of dashing, I'd love to see an active, reliable community around the product.

I am just wondering what the plans for the fork are. Who the maintainers are, what your plans are. Who is going to get write-access of the repo? Is it a one-man show or a team? Should the organization remain Dashing-io when you don't get the domain dashing.io. Is it necessary to give the product a new name to get a new gem entry?

I think some kind of announcement that leave space for discussion is just as necessary as working on the code base.

kinow commented Jul 17, 2016

I am probably not the best to answer your questions, but I believe they are valid concerns, and will leave my own opinion here :-)

I am just wondering what the plans for the fork are.

I believe the main goal is to keep the project being maintained, rather than seeing it simply stop the development.

Who the maintainers are, what your plans are.

I was invited to the organisation, but haven't contributed much yet. I have been using Dashing for the last three years I think. Used the NodeJS version too, which is not being maintained any more. My plan is simple; try to help as much as I can (specially given I can use some hours at $work, as they have almost 10 dashboards now, used by different departments).

Is it a one-man show or a team?

That will probably, and hopefully, a team. But again, it is rather in the beginning of the fork, and as I said before, we are getting to know each other. Expecting that the whole team will start working, as fast and effective as the previous team, is probably asking too much right now.

Should the organization remain Dashing-io when you don't get the domain dashing.io.

For the time being, shopify is kindly maintaining the domain. I believe we are almost reaching the consensus to use GitHub pages instead. Then options would be find a way to maintain the domain name ourselves (under a group of users, foundation, company, etc), or start redirecting dashing.io to the GitHub page (HTTP 301), inform users, update links and give enough time for people to get used to the new domain.

Is it necessary to give the product a new name to get a new gem entry?

Good question. If you could file an issue we could perhaps discuss it there, as I think we could end up digressing from the question in this issue 😃


@webmaster128 It is sad to see a good project die. I think there are ways to revitalize it.

There's a much better chance of https://github.com/Dashing-io successfully carrying this forward than anyone else. At least at this time.

Putting a link to https://github.com/Dashing-io would be a good first step. If there's momentum after an acknowledgement then perhaps you'd want to see switching the domain.

I've got no idea how gem entries are managed. I'd hope that it wouldn't need a whole re-branding. I wouldn't expect Daniel Beauchamp to relinquish the domain unless this transition is successful. However, eventually I think it would make sense.

Given that there's been no official acknowledgement of either fork, it's encouraging to see that there is any support behind it. Imagine how many folks will be interested if:

  1. the fork is acknowledged
  2. there is a call for developers to sign on to maintain the code
pushmatrix commented Jul 18, 2016 edited

@mgifford Maybe not big enough, but there has been mention of the fork for some time:
screen shot 2016-07-18 at 10 26 47 am

screen shot 2016-07-18 at 10 27 45 am


Whoops.. I missed that..

@YtvwlD YtvwlD added a commit to YtvwlD/dashpi that referenced this issue Aug 9, 2016
@YtvwlD YtvwlD bundle update
This updates Dashing to the lastest possible version.
Due to Shopify/dashing#711
future updates will be highly unlikely.
chrisdwheatley commented Aug 28, 2016 edited

I've been working on something similar to Dashing for a while now and wanted to share my initial implementation and hopefully get some feedback.

It's called Radiate and you can see a demo at http://radiate.site.

It relies on an experimental CSS feature called Grid Layout right now so support is a little patchy but there are instructions on how to get up and running on the site and in the readme.

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Dashing is dead #33


For the people visiting this issue (for example via a Google search on "Dashing"): the project lives on as "Smashing" at https://github.com/Smashing/smashing.


Great to hear that "Dashing" is lives on as "Smashing".

I wonder, could this be told on the dashing.io website?


I wonder, could this be told on the dashing.io website?

Smashing is linked on the website in

Heads-up: Dashing still works great, but is no longer maintained. Read up about it over here.
You can also use the fork of the project.


That would be a great change, @alexschwartz. I don't know where the repository for the website behind http://dashing.io/ is though, so don't know where to register a Pull Request.


@webmaster128, Smashing is linked, but only indirectly. Only when forking the project, the fork of https://github.com/dashing-io/dashing is 301-redirected to the Smashing repository... and "Read up about it over here" links to... this issue :-)

I guess it is @alexschwartz's intention that the dashing.io page contains an explicit and comforting notification "Good news: Dashing lives on as Smashing", in addition to the implicit redirect that people discover when forking the project.

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