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Additional Widgets

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This is a list of user submitted Dashing widgets. Each one contains a link to how to use it.

If the widget is in a gist file, you can use the Dashing command dashing install GIST_ID, and it will copy all the files in place. Be sure to check out the gist's README to see if you need to do any extra configuration.

Attention Widget Authors
Need authentication for web services?
Have a look at OmniAuth

Note: These widgets are maintained by third party authors. If you have any issues, please contact them.

Multi-Purpose widgets

Name Description Author
Analog Clock Beautiful A beautiful and scalable analog clock Jorge Morgado
Analog Clock An analog clock to display the current time Jonas Schmidt
Autolib' Paris Displays the number of Bluecars available from an Autolib' station. Mehdi Mahfoudi
Bar Chart Simple widget to render bar charts on Dashing Jorge Morgado
Big Image Scale an image to fit in the widget Benbria
Bubble Chart Simple widget to render bubble charts on Dashing Jorge Morgado
Chartjs Charts Easily add Charts into Dashing with Chartjs (Line, Bar, Radar, Polar Area, Pie, Doughnut) Ted Whang
Countdown Countdown widget Ruleb
Countdown. REVISED EDITION!!!! A revised version of ruleb's countdown widget, that for some reason removed the widget when there was 1 hour left. ioangogo. Forked from Ruleb
Doughnut Chart Simple widget to render doughnut charts on Dashing Jorge Morgado
Dynamic Map Dynamically plots a Google Heatmap SaMnCo
FullPie chart Show awesome pie charts with ease mattia72
Fullscreen Mode Hotkey for Fullscreen Mode tylermauthe
Google Maps Google Map widget with custom colors andmcgregor
Google Visualizations Column Chart Draw nice column charts using Google Visualizations library machadolab
Google Visualizations Gauge Draw nice gauges on the dashboard machadolab
Google Visualizations Line Chart Draw nice line charts on the dashboard lizer
Google Visualizations Pie Chart Draw nice pie charts on the dashboard machadolab
Health A widget to display warning and critical error counts. Alexander Else
Hot Status Changes the widget's colour depending on the status text displayed (Ok, Warning...) Yann Rouillard
Hot Progress Bars Variant of Progress Bars which changes progress bars and widget's colour depending on the value of each progress bar Yann Rouillard
Hotness Changes the widget's colour depending on the value displayed DashboardDude
Hotfloat Changes the widget's colour depending on the float value displayed and see evolution from last value Guillaume Dufour
IFrame widget A widget to display an iframe on the dashboard
JQPlot Meter for Dashing Allows use of the JQPlot meter widget. More JQPlot widgets coming soon. ilikenwf
Line Chart Simple widget to render line charts on Dashing Jorge Morgado
Music Player Dashing widget to play music. Awesome, right?! Anton Kalyaev
Ntile Takes any timestamped data feed and displays the value for the current day (or defined time period) in statistical context. PareidoliaX
Pie chart Show awesome pie charts with ease stevenleeg
Pie Chart Simple widget to render pie charts on Dashing Jorge Morgado
Polar Chart Simple widget to render polar charts on Dashing Jorge Morgado
Radar Chart Simple widget to render radar charts on Dashing Jorge Morgado
Rickshaw Graph Drop-in replacement for the built in Graph widget Benbria
RSS Feeds Display multiple RSS news feeds. toddq
RSS Feeds (Updated) Display multiple RSS news feeds. Robert Dempsey
Slide Show Slide Show with image resizing Brunas
Star Ratings Similar to bar chart but with stars Steve Jernigan
Sparkline Display a sparkline chart together with current value and the percentage difference (from the previous value), pretty much like the Number widget Jorge Morgado
[Table] ( HTML table widget [Nick Stocchero] (
Timeline A stylish vertical/horizontal timeline to display various past/upcoming dates/events aysark
Time Since Last Tracks time past since the last occurrence of an event hannesfostie
Twelve Hour Clock Displays the current time as a 12-hour clock. jpo
World Clock Displays the time in another time zone Steve Klise
World Clock Displays time at multiple locations Wei Lu

Specialized widgets

Name Description Author
Aare Temperature Displays the current temperature of the swiss Aare river lbischof
AdvenTale Displays the newest tweet from @MicroSFF with the #AdvenTale hashtag lbischof
Advent Calendar Displays advent images in December in front of a snowy background matthewgerrard @ Black Pepper
Airbrake Count of unresolved errors for Airbrake projects mstratman @ ParkWhiz
Android Google Play Dashing Widget Dashing Widget for displaying current Google Play Ratings Felix Schulze @ AutoScout24
Android Google Play Market Android Google Play Market application score and voter count Chris Barry
AppFigures Widget Get information from the AppFigures API into your dashboard Thomas Varsavsky
App Store Rating and Votes Get the average rating and total votes of your iOS App Stefano Bortolotti
Asana Tasks Today's tasks in Asana Will Johnson
Atatus Displays the performance metrics and error count for your Atatus projects Fizer Khan
Atlassian Jira Agile: Remaining Sprint Days Displays the remaining days for the active sprint for a given scrum board Christian Galsterer
Atlassian Jira Agile: Tasks in sprint Displays the amount of tasks in a sprint SocialbitGmbH
Atlassian Jira Agile: Tasks left in sprint Displays the amount of tasks left in a sprint SocialbitGmbH
Atlassian Jira Agile: Tasks done in sprint Displays the amount of tasks done in a sprint SocialbitGmbH
Atlassian Jira Agile: Story points in sprint Displays the amount of story points in a sprint SocialbitGmbH
Atlassian Jira Agile: Story points done in sprint Displays the amount of story points done in a sprint SocialbitGmbH
Atlassian Jira Agile: Story points left in sprint Displays the amount of story points left in a sprint SocialbitGmbH
Atlassian JIRA Issue Count Displays the total number of issues for a given jql query (doesn't count the number of issues in a call, but uses the "total" given by jira vossim
Atlassian JIRA List Current Sprint Issues Lists JIRA issues in the current sprint for a specific team. matt-snider
Atlassian Jira: Number of issues in a Jira filter query Displays the number of issues in a filter query configured and saved in Jira. Supports multiple filters and widgets in a single dashboard. Christian Galsterer
Atlassian Jira: Number of issues in a Jira JQL query Displays the number of issues in a JQL query result. The query is defined in the widget configuration. Supports multiple queries and widgets in a single dashboard. This is a generalised version of the Atlassian Jira: Number of issues in a Jira filter query. Christian Galsterer
Atlassian JIRA Open Issues Displays number of open issues currently in JIRA for a given project ahanmal
Atlassian JIRA Sprint Burn Down Gist: Gist Displays a number of sprint burn down charts (last sprint and a configurable number of sprints before the last sprint) vossim
Atlassian JIRA Sprint Progress Meter Displays a progress meter for your current JIRA sprint Shehmeer Jiwani
AWS CloudWatch Arbitrary CloudWatch graphs in Dashing s0enke
AWS CloudWatch NewRelic Docker all in one Integration of cloudwatch newrelic docker monitor shineyear
Bacula widget Displays the bacula state of your backup environment visibilityspots
Badge Overflow: Unearned Badges Calculates progress towards unearned Stack Overflow badges Adam & Stephanie Sharp
Badge Overflow: User Profile Displays user profile info for Stack Exchange sites, including reputation and number of awarded badges Adam & Stephanie Sharp
Bamboo Plan Status Atlassian Bamboo plan build status Gavin Bunney
BART Departures BART Departure information filtered by station Sean Neden
B-Cycle Bikes Available Get bikes and docks available for B-cycle (bike sharing service) Stephen
Betaseries tv-shows airing next retrieved from betaseries Antoine
Bitbucket Commit Counter Bitbucket commit counter SocialbitGmbH
Bitbucket Commit Counter (per year) Bitbucket commit counter (per year) SocialbitGmbH
Bitbucket Repository Counter Bitbucket Repository Counter SocialbitGmbH
Bitbucket Repository Statistics Displays Last Activity, Open Issues, Open Pulls, Forks, and Watchers for a given set of Bitbucket repositories. Jon Sturdevant
Bitbucket User Followers Users followers from Bitbucket jeroenbegyn
Bitcoin Displays bitcoin price Aycn0
Broadsoft Queue Count Call center Queue calls waiting Alsoongit
Build Window Displays the status of your latest CI builds and the percentage of recent builds that have passed. Supports Jenkins, TeamCity, Travis, Go CD and Bamboo. Rouan Wilsenach
Bugsnag Error Widget Bugsnag errors count; supports any number of bugsnag projects and error configurations imartinez
Camera Widget Displays and updates static jpeg images from IP security cameras Jake Champlin
Campaign Monitor Widget Mail stats from Campaign Monitor Garrett O'Grady
Canada Map Displays geo points in Canada Josh Runge
Capital Bikeshare Get bikes and docks available for Capital Bikeshare (Cabi) Derrick Bryant
Catchpoint® Systems Display the response time and availability of your Website based on Catchpoint monitoring tool Jean Baptiste Farez
Chuck Norris Facts Internet Chuck Norris Database Fact Generator Job WindowFinn
CircleCI Circle CI Project Build Status Pete Hamilton
CircleCI (List) Circle CI Project Build Statuses Pete Hamilton
CircleCI: Forecast Circle CI Project Status Forecast Chavez
Classy Online and mobile fundraising platform Rafik Bennacer
Cloudability Cloudability monthly spend Colby Aley
Code Climate Code Climate GPA dgehrett
Code Climate Code Climate widget Rafael Carvalho
Codecov Codecov list of status and trends in test coverage Mike Bueti
Codeship Codeship widget Rafael Carvalho
Coderwall Rank Show your team's Coderwall rank mathias
Confluence Calendar Show confluence calendar's events Rahul Somasunderam
Constant Contact Show the number of subscribers for your distribution lists jonasrosland
Daily Dilbert Daily Dilbert strip retrieved from Brunas
Daily XKCD Daily XKCD comic retrieved from matt-snider Case Count Get the number of cases in your account, using their API Runar
Discovergy monitor your home's power consumption when using a Discovergy SmartMeter API Olf
Disqus Display Comment Count from Disqus SeanJA
Docker Hub Metrics such as stars and pulls from the Docker Hub jonasrosland
EC2 CloudWatch CloudWatch stats in Dashing Benbria
Errbit Displays the unresolved errors from the projects you've specified on your Errbit server kevintuhumury
Ethereum Displays ethereum price Aycn0
Exchange Free/Busy Data Displays whether a user is free or busy (or soon to be) in their Exchange calendar. Norm MacLennan
FB link stats Details of facebook link shares Gregology
FB page stats Details of facebook page stats ephigenia
FB Posts and Page Info Facebook page information and a carosel of tagged posts ssalinas
Fikket participants Amount of participants for a Fikket event joren
Fitbit Displays your steps, calories, distance, battery level and more from kevintuhumury
Font Awesome Icon Font Awesome Icons tolleiv Weather Displays weather from mjamieson w/ Climacons Displays extensive weather information from with Climacons ysim w/ Skycons Displays weather from with Skycons toddq
[Foursquare Widget] ( Checkins with images for a Foursquare venue parthibanloganathan
[Foursquare chekins widget] ( Simple display of total # checked in people at a venue visibilityspots
Foursquare Venue Checkins Checkins on a foursquare venue ephigenia
Freeday Countdown Countdown till next freeday, e.g. weekend or bank holiday Brunas
FreeSwitch Display Freeswitch Statistics Mestizo
Freshdesk Dash Display a short list of Freshdesk users with the most tickets assigned. Kent Dahl
FridayBeer Show your need for a friday-afternoon beer mr-deamon
GitHub Next Milestone Show next GitHub Milestone and due date Benbria
GitHub Next Milestone (multiple projects) Show next GitHub Milestone and due date for multiple projects Jurre
GitHub Organization News Feed Display your organization's activities and events kimh
GitHub Organization Open Pull Requests Displays all currently open PRs across a GitHub organization Shehmeer Jiwani
GitHub OctoStatus Show the current GitHub Status (using Ajax instead of a Ruby job) @bkeepers
GitHub OctoStatus Pulling out all the stop(light)s while displaying the current GitHub status David Campbell
GitHub Repositories List User or Organisation Repositories Watchers/Forks ephigenia
GitHub Repository Stats Various stats for a given repository cmaujean, erikh
GitHub Status Displays the current status of GitHub Iain Mitchell/Ben Flowers
GitHub User Info User Info from GitHub ephigenia
GitHub Issues Displays number of GitHub issues, customizable by label Wade Williams
GitLab Group Open Merge Requests Displays all currently open MRs across a GitLab group matt-snider
Gitlab issues and bugs Gitlab issues and bugs widget per project. joren
Gitlab repo + issue open Gitlab acces via API show a list of project and issues opened Fiyorden
[Google Calendar] ( Google Calendar events widget with custom calendar colors tfohlmeister
[Google Calendar] ( Google Calendar events widget which uses API v3 to allow access to private calendars jmb
[Google Calendar] ( Google Calendar events widget that fetches events from the calendar's private address Jason Yeo
[Google Calendar Attendees] ( Google Calendar event attendees widget blackjid @ platanus
Google Spreadsheet Get and Show cell's value of Google Spreadsheet a-know
Google Spreadsheet Widget Shows a complete spreadsheet in your dashboard mtempel
Google Traffic Map Google Map widget to display traffic for a given lat/long wolfspyre
Google Places by location Food establishments by location using Google Places API juan-grases
Google Play Market Google Play Market application score and voter count ephigenia
Google Play Advanced Google Play market statistics with advanced list support tfohlmeister
Google Play Rating Google Play widget showing app's current rating with fancy stars and color changing background; supports multiple apps in the same job imartinez
Google Play Reviews Google Play widget showing app's latest user reviews with fancy stars and color changing background; supports multiple apps an N number of reviews imartinez
Graphite Metrics Widget Displays Graphite metric via text, changerate & sparkline widget edasque
Graphite Gauge Widget Displays Graphite gauge values with sparkline Karsten Silkenbäumer
Graphite Graphs Displays Graphite graph images and auto-resizes and refreshes them joerayme
Graphite Another job to pull stats from Graphite and present in dashboard widgets Ulrhol
Hadoop_dfs_stats Hadoop DFS stats Dashbord Juned Memon
hadoop_job_tracker_stats Hadoop job tracker stats Dashbord Juned Memon
Elastic_search Elastic search Dashbord Juned Memon weather Extended weather widget using Brunas
Haproxy Dashboard for haproxy overall status and down hosts. Ryan Struber
Hatena Bookmark Favorites List Displays Hatena Bookmark Favorites List of user you specified. a-know
Havag Info Displays departure times of trams and buses in Halle (Saale), Germany Terminal.21
Helpscout Displays the number of open tickets in a mailbox synoptase
Heroku Dynos Displays number of active Heroku dynos robotmay
Heroku Status Shows Heroku status bhankus
Hipchat User Presence Show hipchat user presence state machadolab
HockeyApp Dashing Widget for displaying HockeyApp App Crashes. x2on @ AutoScout24
Honeybadger Errors Displays top Honeybadger errors bhankus
HSL departures A widget to show upcoming departures from desired stops in the Helsinki region Raoul Udd
Icescrum-widget A widget to extract data from Icescrum and input it into a widget Flash-Dash
Icinga Status Summary A widget to display the summary of Hosts/Services Mark Wilkinson
Henrik Hussfelt
In/Out Board A very, very simple in/out board widget JP Reardon
Inspirational Quotes Simple widget to display a random inspirational quote Mel Lota
Instagram by Location Displays Instagram Photos based on location mjamieson
Instagram User Info Instagram User’s info: followers, following, photos ephigenia
Instagram Images by User Displays recent photos taken by a selected user dyscribe
Is it Friday? Simple widget that shows if it's friday or not! Didrik Lindqvist
Jenkins Build Displays Jenkins build progress steintore, mavimo
Jenkins Build History Displays Jenkins build status history for a number of jobs kalenwatermeyer
Jenkins Build Status Displays Jenkins overall build status joepadmiraal
Jenkins Build Status Traffic Light Displays Jenkins built status as a traffic light. ServeBox
Jenkins Last Commit Displays information about last SCM commit for a Jenkins job kalenwatermeyer
Jenkins Test coverage Displays information about test coverage of your Jenkins build Anton Kalyaev
KACE K1000 Ticket Counter Shows open ticket count for the KACE K1000 service desk Paul Liu
Klout Score Klout Score ephigenia
KVB next trains Show the next KVB Trains from a station next to you bascht
LastFM Display the most recently played or currently playing track Craig Coles
Libraryh3lp Show the state of some libraryh3lp chat group and users visibilityspots
Librato Metrics Create a graph based on metrics reported by Librato Matt Towers
LiveChat Agents Displays stats about LiveChat agents John C
LiveChat Visitors Displays stats about LiveChat visitors John C
Load Averages Load Averages for *nix servers Gregology
Loggly Graph log data from loggly Ben Flowers
Mailgun Mail stats from Mailgun Fizer Khan
Mandrill Mail Mail stats from Mandrill dgehrett
Mandrill Daily Sent Mail Count Compares mail sent today with mail sent yesterday VanessaH
Memegenerator Display meme generator images wildekek
MixPanel Event Total Display total number of events from MixPanel Ilya Katz
MyWind Displays information about your Italian Wind mobile contract (SMS, voice minutes, data, ...) [Simone Busoli] (
MQTT Dashing job to subscribe to MQTT data jmb
Nagios Nagios warning and error counts [Alexander Else] (
Nagios-Check_MK Check_MK cpu/disk data Barry Tracey
Nagios XI Display Overall and Detailed Host/Service Status [Jayasingh Samuel] (
National Rail Live Data Dashional Rail - Live train schedule updates from National Rail for a specified station Smittey
Nest Nest thermostat data [Eric Gonzalez] (
netatmo measurements from your netatmo personal weather station Olf
Newrelic Newrelic metrics assimovt
Newrelic Insights Newrelic Insights Query jamesmoriarty
News Displays the latest BBC News top stories Iain Mitchell
New York Subway Displays the New York subway status from the MTA John Barker
Nike+ Displays data of your last Nike+ activity danillotuhumury
Number Status Service Display Service Status and values andrescolodrero
OctoPrint Display stats from OctoPrint Wolfspyre
OpsGenie Unacknowledged Alerts Indicates whether there are any unacknowledged OpsGenie alerts Shehmeer Jiwani
Opsview Displays Opsview Criticals, Warnings, Hosts Up/Down hawk554
OpenTSDB Pull stats from OpenTSDB and present in dashboard widgets Ulrhol
OC Transpo Display arrival times for OC Transpo Buses Benbria
PagerDuty Show PagerDuty incidents and on-call information thegreenrobot
PageViews Display the Pageviews From GA SeanJA
Paris Velib Retrieve the Bikes/Stands availability of Paris Velib service Jean Baptiste Farez
Performance Monitor Show some stats (RAM, CPU, Network, etc.) of your linux server in a nice looking way Clevero
Pianobar Display song information from Pianobar, a Pandora client Kyle Johnson
Pingdom Displays a list of Pingdom statuses james
Pingdom bundle Bundle of Pingdom widgets including status and uptime Rafael Carvalho
Pingdom Uptime Displays the mean of all or part uptime probes pydubreucq
Pivotal Tracker Pivotal Tracker Story Statuses dirkkelly
Pivotal Tracker Burndown Pivotal Tracker current iteration's burndown gaelrottier
Pivotal Tracker Iteration Pivotal Tracker Iteration Stats marcus
Pivotal Tracker Velocity Velocity graphs for Pivotal Tracker projects. mstratman @ ParkWhiz
Project Load Fetch and show the current load and quality of a project from a Google Spreadsheet. ojroques
PRTG Shows downs, downs (acknowledgeds) and warnings from prtg. sbaerlocher
Puppet Dashboard Puppet Dashboard port tolleiv
PuppetDB Stats PuppetDB Stats bitflingr
PuppetDB Stats HTTPS PuppetDB Stats (HTTPS) pszypowicz
RandomAww Display a random cute picture chelsea
Random Reddit Display a random picture from subreddit bennycwong
Reddit Display top 5 posts/score/comment count per subreddit(s) of your choosing kevinquillen
Redis Display the number of connected clients and instance memory usage. Fizer Khan, Wan Qi Chen
Redmine Ticket Counts Display and cycle through ticket counts per priority on a project in Redmine jmibanez
Reload Periodically reload the dashboard to get around JS memory hogging Alexander Else
Remember The Milk Display your overdue tasks (or configure it to do something else) kevintuhumury
Remember The Milk A clone of the widget from kevintuhumury using icalendar instead of milkman to access the tasks luzifer
Remote Reload Reload your dashboard when you make changes Benbria
RescueTime usage Show daily total time in a RescueTime productivity grade Greg Schwartz
Rollbar Time of Last Deploy Displays how long ago the last deploy was according to Rollbar Shehmeer Jiwani
Santander bikes (ex. Barclays bike) live status Live status for London's Santander bikes (Barclays bike) Alexis Robert
Semaphore Branch Status Monitor Displays color-coded build statuses of all branches of a Semaphore repository Shehmeer Jiwani
Semaphore CI Display build status of project on Semaphore CI rastasheep
Semaphore Single Branch Build Status Displays a single branch's build status and latest commit on Semaphore Shehmeer Jiwani
Sensu Display Sensu alerts [Matthew Richardson] (
Server Density Display current server density alerts johnwards
Server Status Display status of servers Will Johnson
Server Status Squares Display status of servers using squares Welsh
ServiceNow Meter Display number of results from a ServiceNow query nemski
Shopify Data Display number of orders or any other data myjanky
Shoutbox (Github repo) Shoutbox to share messages with Dahoboard viewers georgeyord
Sidekiq Display stats for a Sidekiq Background system pallan
SirPortly tickets Show open tickets for a SirPortly department joren
Slack User Presence Show Slack user presence machadolab
Slideshare User Info Slideshare User Info (Followers, Number of Slides) ephigenia
SNMPGraph Generate graphs of SNMP datasources configurable via yaml files Wolfspyre
SNMP Interface Bandwidth Display bandwidth utilization over time RAdzima
SNMP Interface Percentage Display bandwidth percentage using all ruby DRolfe
Sonar Display Sonar metrics EHadoux
Sonar Secured Display and configure Sonar metrics for a secured or unsecured Sonar repository. Aaron Kaka
Sonos Now Playing View Now Playing information and album art from a Sonos player Malcolm Crum
Soundcloud Listens Display Soundcloud listens. pezholio
splunk® enterprise query Run blocking queries on a splunk® enterprise server. Antony J
Spreaker Podcast Plays Displays the amount of plays on your latest Spreaker podcast episode. Mike Russell
Squeezebox Now Playing Display currently playing song of a Squeezebox player. tobru
StackOverflow questions Track questions on StackOverflow jonasrosland
Startup quote Daily wisdom about startups assimovt
Stash Pull Requests Display open pull requests for projects or specific repositories from Stash warmfusion Display status of a service using the status page service. e.g. Linode, New Relic, Travis CI, and many others. Warren Guy
StockTwits comments Displays recent comments on your favorite stocks from StockTwits greedo & michaelqlarson
Stripe Stats Display number of customers and monthly revenue from Stripe. Will Johnson
[Subway Info] ( Subway information like train arrival time, station, etc. for New York and other cities. [parthibanloganathan] (
Surveillance / Camera widget Will take a picture using your webcam every 2 seconds and display it in a widget. Didrik Lindqvist
TeamCity Display TeamCity CI build status Jurre Stender
TeamCity Grouped TeamCity CI build status with grouped output makepanic
TeamCity Grouped Extended Extended TeamCity CI build status with grouped output to add username and under investigation builds. jimmirra
TeamCity LABS Extended previous TeamCity Widgets to work with latest TeamCity build. FizzBuzz791
Teamseer widget Displays Teamseer Absences for the actual and next week. Simon Rininsland
Testing Status Generic test status doughnut chart Bruce McLeod
TFL London Underground Status London Underground Tube Status Khash Sajadi
TFS Build TFS Build monitor Brunas
TFS Build Queue TFS Build Queue Brunas
Thruk nagios status Nagios status with thruk front end Nicolas Leclercq
Todoist Display completed tasks & karma from Todoist squeekobenelli
[Todoist List] ( Display all current tasks from Todoist [Zach King] (
Traffic from TomTom Ranks drivings times of routes using dynamic traffic data sighmin
Transilien Next Trains Next train departures and status for a favorite train station of Transilien (Paris main suburban railway network) Thomas G
Travis CI Display Travis CI build status Zendesk
Trello Display Trello boards info mordonez
Tumblr Display quote from Tumblr blog Cédric Mourizard
Twitch.TV Add Twitch Stream to Dashboard magicguitarist
Twitter List Display a twitter search (list-style, no carousel) bastibeckr
Twitter Mentions Scrolls through Twitter Mentions VanessaH
Twitter Search Twitter Search with v1.1 API jeroenbegyn
Twitter Stock comments Displays tweets from Twitter on your favorite stocks greedo & michaelqlarson
Twitter User Info Twitter Followers/Following/Tweet Count ephigenia
UniFi Video Takes snapshots from your unifi video camera via NVR tracstarr
Untappd Display stats/beers/badges from Untappd squeekobenelli
Uptime Robot Shows a list of Uptime Robot monitors Chris Crewdson
Uptime Robot Shows a list of Uptime Robot monitors sbaerlocher
US Map Displays geo points in the US Josh Runge
V1Dashing - VersionOne Enabled Widgets VersionOne Enabled widgets for burndown, cumulative flow, velocity, cycle time, defects, progress, etc. Matt Badgley
Vectra Networks Show a table of most recent detections Mike Mackintosh
Vimeo User Info Vimeo User contacts, albums, likes etc. ephigenia
Vimeo User Videos List Vimeo user’s videos by likes, comments or sum ephigenia
Visitor Count Google Analytics visitor count (OAuth2) Matt Towers
Visitor Count (multiple sites) Google Analytics visitor count (OAuth2) fork to support multiple sites Will Johnson
Visitor Count Real Time Google Analytics visitor count (OAuth2) fork to support real time Robert Boloc
VK Group VK (VKontakte) widget to display group members count Andrey L
Weather Displays weather info from Yahoo David Underwood
Weather Widget Displays weather info in colors from OpenWeatherMap Haris Krajina
Weather from SMHI Widget Will display the weather data from the weather station Smhi Didrik Lindqvist
Wordpress Stats Wordpress Stats jonasrosland
World Cup Brazil 2014 Displays the next matches for the Brazil 2014 World Cup blackjid @ platanus
Xebia Essentials Displays a random Xebia Essentials card Adé Mochtar
Wunderlist Will display a specific list from Wunderlist. Didrik Lindqvist
Wunderlist Shows Wunderlist tasks. sbaerlocher
Wunderlist-Stats Displays historic Wunderlist task completion statistics Ben Congdon
Xively Displays IOT data from Xively jakthom
Yahoo Stock Quote Yahoo Stock Quote ephigenia
Yahoo Weather Displays weather information using Climacons. danillotuhumury
Youtube Channel Stats Super simple dashing widget for displaying your youtube channels stats nicknmejia
Youtube Video Stats Youtube Video Stats ephigenia
Youtube Player Dashing widget to play video from Youtube Anton Kalyaev
Youtube Playlist Stats Youtube Playlist Stats jonasrosland
Zabbix Trigger Show number of zabbix triggers chojayr
Zendesk View Counts Show counts from any number of Zendesk views Eric Dahl
Zenoss Shows Zenoss events lbischof
Scoverage Show scoverage percentage from jenkins Pritesh Patel
MongoDb Statistics MongoDb widgets to display status about MongoDb server Amal Francis

Other Third Party Tools

Name Description Author
dashing-chef Deploy dashing dashboards with Chef Benbria
dashing-client Send stats to Dashing from node.js Benbria
dashing-contrib Extending Dashing third party widgets, make them easy to install, reusable and maintainable. activars
docker-dashing Run Dashing dashboard inside Docker mingfang
Flying Widgets Cycle through dashboards with stylish CSS3 transitions Benbria
frvi/dashing Another Dashing in a Docker container, pretty customizable. frvi
sinatra-cyclist Cycle through multiple dashboards vrish88
Switcher Switch/cycle widgets and dashboards in periodic manner. Part of the dashing-contrib package juhamust @ SC5
Jenkins Statistics Application for gathering and displaying statistical data about Jenkins builds Alexandru Anca

How to contribute

The easiest way to share a widget is to create a gist with the required files. Be sure to include a README with some instructions on how to use it. Bonus points for including pictures or a link to a live demo.

The Weather widget is a great example.

When you're ready, add your widget and a short description for it to the table above. Please keep the list in alphabetical order.

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