How To: Run dashing on a sub path

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Dashing runs on root by default. With some small changes we can make it run on a sub path. Be aware that not all of the following changes are required if you are running behind a gateway that will strip part of your path. In such a case html assets will need the sub-path and so will default_dashboard if you choose to set one.

In the top of your, add the view prefix Dashing should use:

Batman.config.viewPrefix = '<sub path>/views'

Your template in layout.erb must also be aware of the new path. Add the sub path in the following places.

<script type="text/javascript" src="/<sub path>/assets/application.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/<sub path>/assets/application.css">

<link rel="icon" href="/<sub path>/assets/favicon.ico">

In you add the sub path as your new assets prefix.

set :assets_prefix, '/<sub path>/assets'
map Sinatra::Application.assets_prefix do
  run Sinatra::Application.sprockets

Also in, instead of run Sinatra::Application to start the application you can use Rack:URLMap

run'/<sub path>' => Sinatra::Application)

The app will now be running on http://localhost:3030/<sub path>/<dashboard>

When setting a default dashboard, remember to include the sub path.

set :default_dashboard, '<sub path>/<dashboard>'