How To: update dashboard in Django

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This is an example of how to dynamically update a dashing widget from the django webframework


DASHING_URL = 'http://localhost:3030/widgets' #replace with actual url
DASHING_AUTH_TOKEN = 'YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN' #replace with actual auth token


from myproject import settings
import json
import urllib2

def update_welcome(request):

    #we'll assume a text widget 
    widget = 'some_text_widget'
    widget_json = {}

    widget_json['title'] = request.POST['title']
    widget_json['text'] = request.POST['text']
    widget_json['auth_token'] = settings.DASHING_AUTH_TOKEN

    req = urllib.Request(settings.DASHING_URL + widget)
    response = urllib.urlopen(req, json.dumps(widget_json))
    if response: