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import { Draggable } from '@shopify/draggable';
import Draggable from '@shopify/draggable/lib/draggable';
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>


new Draggable(containers: HTMLElement[]|NodeList|HTMLElement, options: Object): Draggable
To create a draggable instance you need to specify the container(s) that hold draggable items, e.g. document.body would work too. The second argument is an options object, which is described below.

draggable.destroy(): void
Detaches all sensors and listeners, and cleans up after itself.

draggable.on(eventName: String, listener: Function): Draggable
Draggable is an event emitter, so you can register callbacks for events. Draggable also supports method chaining. String, listener: Function): Draggable
You can unregister listeners by using .off(), make sure to provide the same callback.

draggable.trigger(event: AbstractEvent): void
You can trigger events through draggable. This is used to fire events internally or by extensions of Draggable.

draggable.addPlugin(plugins: ...typeof Plugin): Draggable
Adds plugins to this draggable instance.

draggable.removePlugin(plugins: ...typeof Plugin): Draggable
Removes plugins that are already attached to this draggable instance.

draggable.addSensor(sensors: ...typeof Sensor): Draggable
Adds sensors to this draggable instance.

draggable.removeSensor(sensors: ...typeof Sensor): Draggable
Removes sensors that are already attached to this draggable instance.

draggable.addContainer(containers: ...HTMLElement): Draggable
Adds containers to this draggable instance.

draggable.removeContainer(containers: ...HTMLElement): Draggable
Removes containers from this draggable instance.

draggable.getClassNameFor(name: String): String
Returns class name for class identifier, check the classes table below for identifiers.

draggable.isDragging(): Boolean
Returns true or false, depending on this draggables dragging state.

draggable.getDraggableElementsForContainer(container: HTMLElement): HTMLElement[]
Returns draggable elements for given container, excluding potential mirror or original source.


draggable {String}
A css selector for draggable elements within the containers specified. By default it will look for an element with .draggable-source class. Default: .draggable-source

handle {String}
Specify a css selector for a handle element if you don't want to allow drag action on the entire element. Default: null

delay {Number}
If you want to delay a drag start you can specify delay in milliseconds. This can be useful for draggable elements within scrollable containers. Default: 100

plugins {Plugin[]}
Plugins add behaviour to Draggable by hooking into its life cycle, e.g. one of the default plugins controls the mirror movement. Default: []

sensors {Sensor[]}
Sensors dictate how drag operations get triggered, by listening to native browser events. By default draggable includes the MouseSensor & TouchSensor. Default: []

classes {Object}
Draggable adds classes to elements to indicate state. These classes can be used to add styling on elements in certain states.


Name Description Cancelable Cancelable action
draggable:initialize Gets fired when draggable gets initialized false -
draggable:destroy Gets fired when draggable gets destroyed false -
drag:start Gets fired when drag action begins true Prevents drag start
drag:move Gets fired when moving a draggable around false -
drag:over Gets fired when dragging over other draggable false -
drag:over:container Gets fired when dragging over other draggable container false -
drag:out Gets fired when dragging out of other draggable false -
drag:out:container Gets fired when dragging out of other draggable container false -
drag:stop Gets fired when draggable has been released false -
drag:pressure Gets fired when using force touch on draggable element false -


Name Description Default
body:dragging Class added on the document body while dragging draggable--is-dragging
container:dragging Class added on the container where the draggable was picked up from draggable-container--is-dragging
source:dragging Class added on the draggable element that has been picked up draggable-source--is-dragging
source:placed Class added on the draggable element on drag:stop draggable-source--placed
container:placed Class added on the draggable container element on drag:stop draggable-container--placed
draggable:over Class added on draggable element you are dragging over draggable--over
container:over Class added on draggable container element you are dragging over draggable-container--over
source:original Class added on the original source element, which is hidden on drag draggable--original
mirror Class added on the mirror element draggable-mirror


This sample code will make list items draggable:

import { Draggable } from '@shopify/draggable';

const draggable = new Draggable(document.querySelectorAll('ul'), {
  draggable: 'li'

draggable.on('drag:start', () => console.log('drag:start'));
draggable.on('drag:move', () => console.log('drag:move'));
draggable.on('drag:stop', () => console.log('drag:stop'));