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Droppable is built on top of Draggable and allows you to declare draggable and droppable elements via options. Droppable fires two events on top of the draggable events: droppable:dropped and droppable:returned.


import { Droppable } from '@shopify/draggable';
import Droppable from '@shopify/draggable/lib/droppable';
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>


Check out Draggables API for the base API


Check out Draggables options for the base options

dropzone {String|HTMLElement[]|NodeList|Function} A css selector string, an array of elements, a NodeList or a function returning elements for dropzone elements within the containers.


Check out Draggables events for base events

Name Description Cancelable Cancelable action
droppable:dropped Gets fired when dropping draggable element into a dropzone true Prevents drop
droppable:returned Gets fired when draggable elements returns to original dropzone true Prevents return


Check out Draggables class identifiers

Name Description Default
droppable:active Class added to the droppable container (dropzone) when drag starts draggable-droppable--active
droppable:occupied Class added to the droppable container (dropzone) when it contains a draggable element draggable-droppable--occupied


This sample code will make list items draggable and allows to drop them inside another element:

import { Droppable } from '@shopify/draggable';

const droppable = new Droppable(document.querySelectorAll('ul'), {
  draggable: 'li',
  dropzone: '#dropzone'

droppable.on('droppable:dropped', () => console.log('droppable:dropped'));
droppable.on('droppable:returned', () => console.log('droppable:returned'));