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Sortable is built on top of Draggable and allows you to reorder elements. It maintains the order internally and fires three events on top of the draggable events: sortable:start, sortable:sort, sortable:sorted and sortable:stop.

Make sure to nest draggable elements as immediate children elements to their corresponding containers, this is a requirement for Sortable.


import { Sortable } from '@shopify/draggable';
import Sortable from '@shopify/draggable/lib/sortable';
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>


Check out Draggables API for the base API


Check out Draggables options for the base options


Check out Draggables events for base events

Name Description Cancelable Cancelable action
sortable:start Gets fired when drag action begins true Prevents drag start
sortable:sort Gets fired before sorting true Prevents sorting
sortable:sorted Gets fired when the source gets sorted in the DOM false -
sortable:stop Gets fired when dragging over other draggable false -


Check out Draggables class identifiers


This sample code will make list items sortable:

import { Sortable } from '@shopify/draggable';

const sortable = new Sortable(document.querySelectorAll('ul'), {
  draggable: 'li'

sortable.on('sortable:start', () => console.log('sortable:start'));
sortable.on('sortable:sort', () => console.log('sortable:sort'));
sortable.on('sortable:sorted', () => console.log('sortable:sorted'));
sortable.on('sortable:stop', () => console.log('sortable:stop'));


  • Add copy option, which will allow draggable elements to be copied when dropped in a different container
  • Add removeOnSpill option, which will allow draggable elements to be removed from the DOM when dropped outside a container


  • Needs draggable elements to be immediate children of draggable containers.
  • Currently just appends draggable elements in different containers