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How to contribute

We ❤️ pull requests. If you'd like to fix a bug, contribute a feature or just correct a typo, please feel free to do so, as long as you follow our Code of Conduct.

If you're thinking of adding a big new feature, consider opening an issue first to discuss it to ensure it aligns to the direction of the project (and potentially save yourself some time!).

Getting Started

To start working on the codebase, first fork the repo, then clone it:

git clone

Note: replace "your-username" with your Github handle

Install the project's dependencies:

npm install

To see documentation about npm scripts used in this project run:

npm run info

While developing the following command will run tests in browser at http://localhost:4200. It also watches the src/ and tests/ directory and rebuilds as needed:

npm start

If you'd simply like to manually run tests do:

npm run test

Folder Structure

The following documents the folder structure for this project and what the purpose of each folder is:

 +-- docs/ ** API docs that live at
 +-- scripts/ ** Scripts used for development such as build and CI scripts
 | +-- ci/ ** Scripts used to setup/run CI
 +-- src/ ** Contains all JS used by the JS buy SDK
 | +-- adapters/
 | +-- metal/
 | +-- models/
 | +-- serializers/
 +-- tests/ ** Contains tests used to ensure the js-buy-sdk works as intended
   +-- fixtures/
   +-- helpers/
   +-- integration/
   +-- shims/
   +-- unit/
     +-- adapters/
     +-- api/
     +-- lint/
     +-- metal/
     +-- models/
     +-- serializers/


See here for our examples.


If your change affects how people use the project (i.e. adding or changing arguments to a function, adding a new function, changing the return value, etc), please ensure the documentation is also updated to reflect this. The docs live inside the docs/ folder and are hosted at

To generate docs run the following:

npm run doc:build

To preview the built docs run:

npm run doc:serve

The documentation will then be visible at:

If ever you'd like to view API docs for a specific version of the js-buy-sdk run the following command (replace *VERSION NUMBER* with a proper version such as v0.3.2):

npm run doc:build -- --references *VERSION NUMBER*

When serving you should now be able to view: