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Commits on Mar 1, 2019
  1. Deploy secrets in DeployTask like other resources (#424)

    DazWorrall authored and KnVerey committed Mar 1, 2019
    * Refactor EjsonSecretProvisioner to provide resources
    * Add `Secret` resource
    * Refactor kubectl sensitive output config
    * Deploy resources from EjsonSecretProvisioner
    * Secrets as resources review fixes (#425)
    Thanks so much @benlangfeld for your help with these:
    * Remove excess logging
    * Stop referring to EJSON secrets as generically "managed"
    * Consistent timeout for Secret resources
    Unifying the constant used for simple resources of this type is left as an exercise for another change, mostly because the name of such a thing may be controversial and I don't want to block merging this on detailed review.
    * Give secrets the same statsd tags as other resources
    * Removes duplicate spec
    Doesn't test anything more than test_create_and_update_secrets_from_ejson
    * Replaces log assertion
    * Point out breaking changes in CHANGELOG
    * Include ejson generated secrets in discovery log
    * Misc review feedback
    * Rebase on master
    * Fix changelog after rebase
    * Remove unnecessary logging
    * Fix unknown Secret status
    * Update test name to not include 'update'
    * Write new unrecognized resource test
    * Hide some validation and deploy output when deploying sensitive
    * Better logging when handling failures with sensitive resources
    * Typo
    * Catch more specific Kubectl error output
    * Suppresses error messages on invalid sensitive templates
    * This is not flaky any more (finer-grained assertion on kubectl error)
    * Minor review fixes
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