Add support for I18n on the date filter #111

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I'd like to have support for I18n when displaying dates with liquid in my rails app. This comes from a real user scenario and I'd like to see it upstream instead of having to patch the library. Hope this helps, let me know if there's anything else I can do.

P.S. I haven't added tests because I didn't want to introduce an external dependency.


tobi commented Mar 22, 2012

Please add a unit test and I'll merge.


tobi commented Mar 22, 2012

Actually, the problem is that I18n.localize isn't side effect free. It relies on a global setting of which locale is the currently active one. Liquid needs to be sandboxed from the outside and can't rely on such effects.

My recommendation is to create a new filter called i18n_date

tobi closed this Mar 22, 2012

I will do that, thanks.

oscardelben referenced this pull request Mar 22, 2012


Add support for i18n #112

@tobi could you please take a look at #112 ?

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