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React Native Skia

High-performance 2d Graphics for React Native using Skia

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Checkout the full documentation here.

React Native Skia brings the Skia Graphics Library to React Native. Skia serves as the graphics engine for Google Chrome and Chrome OS, Android, Flutter, Mozilla Firefox and Firefox OS, and many other products.

This is an alpha release. Use with caution.

Getting Started

npm install @shopify/react-native-skia

Documentation is available at

Library Development

To develop react-native-skia, you need to build the skia libraries on your computer.

Make sure to check out the sub modules:

git submodule update --init --recursive

You also need to install some tools for the build scripts to work. Run yarn in the root of the project to install them.

Make sure you have all the tools required for building the skia libraries (XCode, Ninja, CMake, Android NDK / build tools).

On MacOS you can install Ninja via homebrew:

brew install ninja

If you have Android Studio installed, make sure $ANDROID_NDK is available. ANDROID_NDK=/Users/username/Library/Android/sdk/ndk/<version> for instance.

If the NDK is not installed, you can install it via Android Studio by going to the menu File > Project Structure.

And then the SDK Location section. It will show you the NDK path, or the option to Download it if you don't have it installed.


  • Install dependencies yarn bootstrap
  • Build the Skia libraries with yarn build-skia (this can take a while)
  • Copy Skia headers yarn copy-skia-headers
  • Run pod install in the example project


If a new version of Skia is included in an upgrade of this library, you need to perform a few extra steps before continuing:

  1. Update submodules: git submodule update --recursive
  2. Copy Skia Headers: yarn copy-skia-headers
  3. Clean Skia: yarn clean-skia
  4. Build Skia: yarn build-skia
  5. Run pod install in the example project


  • Run the commands in the Building section
  • Build the Android binaries with yarn build-android
  • Build the NPM package with yarn build-npm

Publish the NPM package manually. The output is found in the dist folder.

  • Install Cocoapods in the example/ios folder cd example/ios && pod install && cd ..