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Rorybot: Catch content style guide violations

Rorybot finds style errors by comparing input text against a set of incorrect terms in the retext-shopify repo. Rorybot explains why your word choices are incorrect according to the Shopify content and documentation style guides (for example, "avoid anthropomorphism"), and suggests alternatives.

rorybot logo

You can run rorybot from the command line, or install plugins for the text editors Atom and Sublime Text that check your text as you type.

rorybot command line screenshot


  1. Make sure you have node.js installed.
  2. Open a Terminal window.
  3. Run npm install -g rorybot to install rorybot, which will also install retext-shopify as a module within rorybot.

If you run into a permissions error, run sudo npm install -g rorybot instead.


  1. Open a Terminal window.
  2. Run npm update -g rorybot to update rorybot, which will also update retext-shopify.

Using the Atom linter

Install rorybot, then see the readme for linter-rorybot.

Using the Sublime Text linter

Install rorybot, then see the readme for sublimelinter-rorybot.

Using the command line

You can run rorybot from the command line for extra functionality.

Check a specific file

Say contains the following text:

Login to the Shopify Manual to customise the Shopify point of sale application. 

Run rorybot on


This yields:
1:1-1:9    warning  “Login to” is not Shopify style. Use “log into” instead. (Login is a noun, not a verb.)              login to
1:14-1:28  warning  “Shopify Manual” is not Shopify style. Use “Shopify Help Center” instead. (Incorrect branded name.)  shopify manual
1:32-1:41  warning  “customise” is not Shopify style. Use “customize” instead. (Use American spelling.)                  customise
1:46-1:67  warning  “Shopify point of sale” is not Shopify style. Use “Shopify POS” instead. (Incorrect branded name.)   shopify point of sale

⚠ 4 warnings 

You can run rorybot on any text file type, including Ruby.

Check a directory

When no input files are given to rorybot, it searches for markdown and text files in the current directory.

If you want to search other types of files, you can use wildcards to create your rorybot command.

To search all Ruby files within your current directory, for example, run:

rorybot *.rb

To search all Ruby files recursively within your current directory, run:

rorybot **/*.rb

Write rorybot messages to a file

If you want to write the results of a rorybot check to a file, use the tee command.

rorybot *.rb | tee output.txt

Check a string

If you want to check a string within your terminal:

echo "Login to the Shopify Manual to customise colours in the Shopify point of sale application." | rorybot

Get help

Run rorybot --help for more information. You can also check out Titus Wormer's original alex.js application for info about the API, which we haven't looked into yet.


Add rules

See the readme in retext-shopify.

Make changes to rorybot

Create an issue or pull request in this repo.

Make changes to the Atom linter

See the readme for linter-rorybot.

Make changes to the Sublime Text linter

See the readme for sublimelinter-rorybot.