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Contributions are always welcome, both reporting issues and submitting pull requests!

Reporting issues

Please make sure to include any potentially useful information in the issue, so we can pinpoint the issue faster without going back and forth.

  • What SHA of Sarama are you running? If this is not the latest SHA on the master branch, please try if the problem persists with the latest version.
  • You can set sarama.Logger to a log.Logger instance to capture debug output. Please include it in your issue description.
  • Also look at the logs of the Kafka broker you are connected to. If you see anything out of the ordinary, please include it.

Also, please include the following information about your environment, so we can help you faster:

  • What version of Kafka are you using?
  • What version of Go are you using?
  • What are the values of your Producer/Consumer/Client configuration?

Submitting pull requests

We will gladly accept bug fixes, or additions to this library. Please fork this library, commit & push your changes, and open a pull request. Because this library is in production use by many people and applications, we code review all additions. To make the review process go as smooth as possible, please consider the following.

  • If you plan to work on something major, please open an issue to discuss the design first.
  • Don't break backwards compatibility. If you really have to, open an issue to discuss this first.
  • Make sure to use the go fmt command to format your code according to the standards. Even better, set up your editor to do this for you when saving.
  • Run go vet to detect any suspicious constructs in your code that could be bugs.
  • Explicitly handle all error return values. If you really want to ignore an error value, you can assign it to _.You can use errcheck to verify whether you have handled all errors.
  • You may also want to run golint as well to detect style problems.
  • Add tests that cover the changes you made. Make sure to run go test with the -race argument to test for race conditions.
  • Make sure your code is supported by all the Go versions we support. You can rely on Travis CI for testing older Go versions