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A simple command line tool to produce a single message to Kafka.


go get


# Minimum invocation
kafka-console-producer -topic=test -value=value -brokers=kafka1:9092

# It will pick up a KAFKA_PEERS environment variable
export KAFKA_PEERS=kafka1:9092,kafka2:9092,kafka3:9092
kafka-console-producer -topic=test -value=value

# It will read the value from stdin by using pipes
echo "hello world" | kafka-console-producer -topic=test

# Specify a key:
echo "hello world" | kafka-console-producer -topic=test -key=key

# Partitioning: by default, kafka-console-producer will partition as follows:
# - manual partitioning if a -partition is provided
# - hash partitioning by key if a -key is provided
# - random partioning otherwise.
# You can override this using the -partitioner argument:
echo "hello world" | kafka-console-producer -topic=test -key=key -partitioner=random

# Display all command line options
kafka-console-producer -help