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This repository contains the completed app and starter files for the Build a Shopify app with Node and React tutorial.

Available branches for each step in the tutorial

Each step of the Build a Shopify app with Node and React tutorial has a corresponding branch in this repository. Checkout any of these branches to view the demo project at that stage, or to use it as the starting point for your own app. For example, To start the tutorial at Build your user interface with Polaris check out and use build-your-user-interface-with-polaris-starter-files.

  1. Embed your app in Shopify: embed-your-app-in-shopify-starter-files
  2. Build your user interface with Polaris: build-your-user-interface-with-polaris-starter-files
  3. Fetch data with Apollo: fetch-data-with-apollo-starter-files
  4. Charge a fee using the Billing API: charge-a-fee-using-the-billing-api-starter-files
  5. Listen for store events with webhooks: listen-for-store-events-with-webhooks-starter-files
  6. Completed App: master

Using starter files

You can use these starter files to skip ahead and learn a certain section or fix an app in a broken state.

If you plan to skip ahead, then make sure that you first complete these setup instructions:

  1. Install the latest stable version of Node.js.
  2. Install npm packages (run: npm install).
  3. Expose your dev environment.
  4. Get a Shopify API key and Shopify API secret key.
  5. Add the Shopify API key and Shopify API secret key.
  6. Start your app (run: npm run dev).
  7. Authenticate and test your app.
  8. Set up your app navigation.

Please create an issue if you have any questions or comments.

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