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active_resource handle plain errors like they are constantly used on shopify, closes #…
fixtures OAuth tokens can be revoked with ShopifyAPI::OAuth.revoke .
article_test.rb added article create test
asset_test.rb removed an uneccessary require uri
base_test.rb Raise a useful error when trying to activate_session with nil
blog_test.rb Fix blog test
carrier_service_test.rb Adding support for CarrierService resource
cart_test.rb Added cart resource to the api
checkouts_test.rb Adding tests for script tag and checkouts
customer_saved_search_test.rb Update tests to use search endpoint
customer_test.rb Add convenience method Customer#search
detailed_log_subscriber_test.rb fix typo
fulfillment_service_test.rb Fixing typo........
fulfillment_test.rb update default to https
gift_card_test.rb Add GiftCard resource
image_test.rb Add unit tests for metafield (currently none)
limits_test.rb use mocha/setup instead of mocha
metafield_test.rb Add unit tests for metafield (currently none)
o_auth_test.rb OAuth tokens can be revoked with ShopifyAPI::OAuth.revoke .
order_risk_test.rb Fix test name to update instead of delete (delete is already there)
order_test.rb Add tests for deleting common objects
policy_test.rb Adds policy model
product_test.rb Workaround ActiveResource 3.1+ bug for saving nested resources.
recurring_application_charge_test.rb Uses rails 4.2 compatible threadsafe branch of AR
script_tag_test.rb Adding post and put tests for script tags
session_test.rb Add test for escaping of `%` before signing.
shop_test.rb Still use setup for shop test
test_helper.rb fix typo
transaction_test.rb Refactor prefix setting duplication
variant_test.rb Add tests for deleting common objects
webhook_test.rb Adding spaces after commas in hash
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