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Releasing ShopifyApp
1. Check the Semantic Versioning page for info on how to version the new release:
2. Update the version of ShopifyApp in lib/shopify_app/version.rb
3. Add a CHANGELOG entry for the new release with the date
4. Commit the changes with a commit message like "Packaging for release X.Y.Z"
5. Tag the release with the version (Leave REV blank for HEAD or provide a SHA)
$ git tag vX.Y.Z REV
6. Push out the changes
$ git push
7. Push out the tags
$ git push --tags
8. Build the new .gem from the updated .gemspec
$ gem build shopify_app.gemspec
9. Publish the Gem to gemcutter
$ gem push shopify_app-X.Y.Z.gem
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