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import pyactiveresource.connection
from pyactiveresource.activeresource import ActiveResource, ResourceMeta
import shopify.yamlobjects
import shopify.mixins as mixins
import shopify
import threading
import urllib
import urllib2
import urlparse
import sys
# Store the response from the last request in the connection object
class ShopifyConnection(pyactiveresource.connection.Connection):
response = None
def _open(self, *args, **kwargs):
self.response = None
self.response = super(ShopifyConnection, self)._open(*args, **kwargs)
except pyactiveresource.connection.ConnectionError, err:
self.response = err.response
return self.response
# Inherit from pyactiveresource's metaclass in order to use ShopifyConnection
class ShopifyResourceMeta(ResourceMeta):
def connection(cls):
"""HTTP connection for the current thread"""
super_class = cls.__mro__[1]
local = cls._threadlocal
if not getattr(local, 'connection', None):
# Make sure these variables are no longer affected by other threads.
local.user = cls.user
local.password = cls.password =
local.timeout = cls.timeout
local.connection = ShopifyConnection(, cls.user, cls.password, cls.timeout, cls.format)
return local.connection
def get_user(cls):
return getattr(cls._threadlocal, 'user', ShopifyResource._user)
def set_user(cls, value):
cls._threadlocal.connection = None
ShopifyResource._user = cls._threadlocal.user = value
user = property(get_user, set_user, None,
"The username for HTTP Basic Auth.")
def get_password(cls):
return getattr(cls._threadlocal, 'password', ShopifyResource._password)
def set_password(cls, value):
cls._threadlocal.connection = None
ShopifyResource._password = cls._threadlocal.password = value
password = property(get_password, set_password, None,
"The password for HTTP Basic Auth.")
def get_site(cls):
return getattr(cls._threadlocal, 'site', ShopifyResource._site)
def set_site(cls, value):
cls._threadlocal.connection = None
ShopifyResource._site = = value
if value is not None:
host = urlparse.urlsplit(value)[1]
auth_info, host = urllib2.splituser(host)
if auth_info:
user, password = urllib2.splitpasswd(auth_info)
if user:
cls.user = urllib.unquote(user)
if password:
cls.password = urllib.unquote(password)
site = property(get_site, set_site, None,
'The base REST site to connect to.')
def get_timeout(cls):
return getattr(cls._threadlocal, 'timeout', ShopifyResource._timeout)
def set_timeout(cls, value):
cls._threadlocal.connection = None
ShopifyResource._timeout = cls._threadlocal.timeout = value
timeout = property(get_timeout, set_timeout, None,
'Socket timeout for HTTP requests')
def get_primary_key(cls):
return cls._primary_key
def set_primary_key(cls, value):
cls._primary_key = value
primary_key = property(get_primary_key, set_primary_key, None,
'Name of attribute that uniquely identies the resource')
class ShopifyResource(ActiveResource, mixins.Countable):
__metaclass__ = ShopifyResourceMeta
_primary_key = "id"
_threadlocal = threading.local()
_headers = { 'User-Agent': 'ShopifyPythonAPI/%s Python/%s' % (shopify.VERSION, sys.version.split(' ', 1)[0]) }
def __init__(self, attributes=None, prefix_options=None):
if attributes is not None and prefix_options is None:
prefix_options, attributes = self.__class__._split_options(attributes)
return super(ShopifyResource, self).__init__(attributes, prefix_options)
def is_new(self):
return not
def _load_attributes_from_response(self, response):
def __get_id(self):
if self.klass.primary_key != "id":
return self.attributes.get(self.klass.primary_key)
return super(ShopifyResource, self).id
def __set_id(self, value):
if self.klass.primary_key != "id":
self.attributes[self.klass.primary_key] = value
super(ShopifyResource, self).id = value
id = property(__get_id, __set_id, None, 'Value stored in the primary key')
def save(self):
# See pyactiveresource issue 14:
return super(ShopifyResource, self).save()
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