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Shopify Transporter

shopify_transporter is a command-line tool that offers capabilities to extract and convert data from third-party platforms into a Shopify-friendly format.

This format can then be imported into Shopify via the Transporter app.

shopify_transporter offers built-in support for migrations from Magento (version 1), as well as providing support for you to write your own transformations for other platforms.

Note: the Transporter app is available to Shopify Plus plans only.

Basic usage

Here's how you can get started migrating a store from a third-party platform onto Shopify using the Transporter suite of tools.

  1. Follow the Getting started guide to install the necessary requirements.
  2. Create a new project for the source store.
  3. Extract data from your source store.
  4. Convert the extracted data into a Shopify-formatted CSV file.
  5. Use the Transporter app to import the Shopify-formatted CSV file into a Shopify store

Submitting Issues

Please open an issue here if you encounter a specific bug with this library or if something is documented incorrectly.

Before filing an issue, please ensure that:

  • The issue is not already covered in another open issue
  • The issue does not contain any confidential or personally identifiable information
  • The issue is specifically regarding the shopify_transporter gem and not related to the Transporter App.


If you'd love to see a particular feature as part of shopify_transporter, submit a pull request adding that feature!

Please read our contribution guidelines before submitting a pull request.


shopify_transporter is listed under the MIT license. See for more details.


The Transporter tool allows you to convert data from a third-party platform into a format that can be imported into Shopify.




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