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Provide documentation for dynamic metric names.

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@@ -136,12 +136,15 @@ AWS::S3::Base.singleton_class.extend StatsD::Instrument
AWS::S3::Base.singleton_class.statsd_measure :request, 'S3.request'
-### Lambda As Metric Name
+### Dynamic Metric Names
-Send a lambda instead of a string as the metric name to dynamically set the name of the metric. Useful when measuring sub classes.
+You can use a lambda function instead of a string dynamically set
+the name of the metric. The lambda function must accept two arguments:
+the object the function is being called on and the array of arguments
-``` ruby
-GoogleBase.statsd_count :insert, lamdba{|object| object.class.to_s.downcase + ".insert" }
+GoogleBase.statsd_count :insert, lamdba{|object, args| object.class.to_s.downcase + "." + args.first.to_s + ".insert" }
## Reliance on DNS

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