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package cmd
import (
// This is the limit of assets that can be uploaded at the same time. This may
// need to be tweaked in the future.
const assetLimit = 100
// This sets a hard limit on how many assets are loaded at a single time before
// being uploaded. This is to protect from memory errors when very large themes
// are uploaded.
var assetLimitSemaphore = make(chan struct{}, assetLimit)
var watchCmd = &cobra.Command{
Use: "watch",
Short: "Watch directory for changes and update remote theme",
Long: `Watch is for running in the background while you are making changes to your project.
run 'theme watch' while you are editing and it will detect create, update and delete events.
For more documentation please see
RunE: func(cmd *cobra.Command, args []string) error {
return cmdutil.ForEachClient(flags, args, func(ctx *cmdutil.Ctx) error {
watcher, err := file.NewWatcher(ctx.Env, ctx.Flags.ConfigPath)
if err != nil {
return err
defer watcher.Stop()
signalChan := make(chan os.Signal)
signal.Notify(signalChan, os.Interrupt)
return watch(ctx, watcher.Events, signalChan)
func watch(ctx *cmdutil.Ctx, events chan file.Event, sig chan os.Signal) error {
ctx.Flags.Verbose = true
if ctx.Env.ReadOnly {
return fmt.Errorf("[%s] environment is reaonly", colors.Green(ctx.Env.Name))
"[%s] %s: Watching for file changes to theme %v",
for {
select {
case event := <-events:
if event.Path == ctx.Flags.ConfigPath {
ctx.Log.Print("Reloading config changes")
return cmdutil.ErrReload
ctx.Log.Printf("[%s] processing %s", colors.Green(ctx.Env.Name), colors.Blue(event.Path))
perform(ctx, event.Path, event.Op)
case <-sig:
return nil
func perform(ctx *cmdutil.Ctx, path string, op file.Op) {
defer ctx.DoneTask()
if op == file.Remove {
if err := ctx.Client.DeleteAsset(shopify.Asset{Key: path}); err != nil {
ctx.Err("[%s] (%s) %s", colors.Green(ctx.Env.Name), colors.Blue(path), err)
} else if ctx.Flags.Verbose {
ctx.Log.Printf("[%s] Deleted %s", colors.Green(ctx.Env.Name), colors.Blue(path))
} else {
assetLimitSemaphore <- struct{}{}
defer func() { <-assetLimitSemaphore }()
asset, err := shopify.ReadAsset(ctx.Env, path)
if err != nil {
ctx.Err("[%s] error loading %s: %s", colors.Green(ctx.Env.Name), colors.Green(path), colors.Red(err))
if err := ctx.Client.UpdateAsset(asset); err != nil {
ctx.Err("[%s] (%s) %s", colors.Green(ctx.Env.Name), colors.Blue(asset.Key), err)
} else if ctx.Flags.Verbose {
ctx.Log.Printf("[%s] Updated %s", colors.Green(ctx.Env.Name), colors.Blue(asset.Key))
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