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package ratelimiter
import "time"
var domainLimitMap = make(map[string]*Limiter)
// Limiter keeps track of an api rate limit and wont let you pass the limit
type Limiter struct {
nextChan chan bool
apiLimit time.Duration
// New creates a new call rate limiter for a single domain
func New(domain string, apiLimit time.Duration) *Limiter {
if _, ok := domainLimitMap[domain]; !ok {
domainLimitMap[domain] = &Limiter{
nextChan: make(chan bool),
apiLimit: apiLimit,
return domainLimitMap[domain]
func (limiter *Limiter) next() {
go func(l *Limiter) {
ticker := time.NewTimer(l.apiLimit)
l.nextChan <- true
// Wait will block until enough time has passed and the limit will not be passed
func (limiter *Limiter) Wait() {
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