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@@ -50,19 +50,19 @@ var toxicDescription = `
toxic add:
usage: toxiproxy-cli add <proxyName> --type <toxicType> --toxicName <toxicName> \
usage: toxiproxy-cli toxic add <proxyName> --type <toxicType> --toxicName <toxicName> \
--attribute <key=value> --upstream --downstream
example: toxiproxy-cli toxic add myProxy -t latency -n myToxic -a latency=100 -a jitter=50
toxic update:
usage: toxiproxy-cli update <proxyName> --toxicName <toxicName> \
usage: toxiproxy-cli toxic update <proxyName> --toxicName <toxicName> \
--attribute <key1=value1> --attribute <key2=value2>
example: toxiproxy-cli toxic update myProxy -n myToxic -a jitter=25
toxic delete:
usage: toxiproxy-cli update <proxyName> --toxicName <toxicName>
usage: toxiproxy-cli toxic delete <proxyName> --toxicName <toxicName>
example: toxiproxy-cli toxic delete myProxy -n myToxic

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