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Merge pull request #260 from JesseEstum/example_config

Add example config.json file to
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sirupsen committed Sep 4, 2019
2 parents 4ca1edd + 18165c8 commit cfe8289de2671d6e090c0632e67fca3ba54719ab
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@@ -290,6 +290,25 @@ separate configuration file. We use `config/toxiproxy.json`. This file can be
passed to the server using the `-config` option, or loaded by the application
to use with the `populate` function.

An example `config/toxiproxy.json`:

"name": "web_dev_frontend_1",
"listen": "[::]:18080",
"upstream": "webapp.domain:8080",
"enabled": true
"name": "web_dev_mysql_1",
"listen": "[::]:13306",
"upstream": "database.domain:3306",
"enabled": true

Use ports outside the ephemeral port range to avoid random port conflicts.
It's `32,768` to `61,000` on Linux by default, see

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