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Usually commands are not needed to create or setup shops. Most of the listed commands are therefore only useful for admins. Information about the required permission nodes for each command can be found at the Permissions page.

/shopkeepers help

Displays the available commands. Commands for which the player doesn't have the needed permission will be hidden.

/shopkeepers [shop type] [object type]

Creates an admin shopkeeper at the targeted block.
If creating player shops via command is enabled in the config and the executing player targets a chest block, this will create a player shopkeeper.

/shopkeepers reload

Reloads the plugin. This will save any unsaved changes and then reload the config file.

/shopkeeper list [player|'admin'] [page]

Lists the player's own shops (if no player nor 'admin' is specified), the shops of a specified player, or all admin shops. The listing is divided into pages.

/shopkeeper remove [player|'all'|'admin']

Removes the player's own shops (if no player nor 'admin' is specified), the shops of a specified player, all player shops, or all admin shops. The command needs to be confirmed by the player via /shopkeeper confirm.

/shopkeepers give [player] [amount]

Gives the specified player the specified amount of shop creation items.

/shopkeepers remote <shopName>

Allows opening of admin shopkeepers remotely by referencing them by their name, id or unique id.

/shopkeepers edit [shopName]

Allows editing shopkeepers remotely by targeting them, or by referencing them by their name, id or unique id.

/shopkeepers transfer <newOwner>

Transfers ownership of the targeted shopkeeper to another player.

/shopkeepers setTradePerm <shop-id> <tradePerm|-|?>

Sets, removes (-) or displays (?) the trading permission for an admin shopkeeper specified by id, unique id, or name. This trading permission will be required, additionally to the general trading permission, when a player tries to trade with the affected shopkeeper.

/shopkeepers setforhire

Sets the targeted player shopkeeper for sale. Hold the hiring cost in your hand and look at a shopkeeper or chest owned by a shopkeeper when you use this command. This will allow another player to pay the hiring cost and gain ownership of that shopkeeper.

Debugging and auxiliary commands

/shopkeepers debug

Toggles the debug mode on and off. The debug mode can also be set inside the config.

With debug mode enabled, the plugin logs additional information to the server console in various situations, which might help with troubleshooting issues.

/shopkeepers check

Prints statistics about the amount of loaded chunks, entities, loaded shopkeepers and the time spent for AI and gravity processing.

/shopkeepers debugCreateShops [shopCount]

Creates the specified amount of admin shopkeepers. This might be useful for performance testing. Starting at the player's location, the shopkeepers are spawned next to each other in the x direction with a spacing of 1 block between them.

/shopkeepers checkitem

Prints debug information about the held items and compares the items in main and off hand.

/shopkeepers yaml

Prints Bukkit's yaml serialization of the item held in hand, as well as its formatted item data for use inside the config. The output gets also logged to the console for easier copying (and because it is often too large for the in-game chat).

Note: The item's raw Minecraft NBT data can for example be inspected by storing the item inside a chest and then using Minecraft's own /data get block <pos> command on that chest block.

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