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Usually the default config should already come with sane default values to let Shopkeepers work right out the box after installation. And if you want to make adjustments, it should contain comments with all the information you need for that.

However, when the plugin adds missing settings to the config (usually as result of plugin updates) those comments get removed currently. You can then always find the default configuration here (at the bottom of this page), formatted and with all the comments. Or alternatively, an always up-to-date version of the default configuration file can also be found here.

If you run into issues with your customized configuration, try if the issue persists when using the default configuration.

Item data

This section describes how items are specified inside the config.

The used format is derived from Bukkit's item serialization (the YAML format Bukkit/Spigot uses when a plugin saves or loads items to/from YAML files, such as it is the case for Shopkeepers' data.yml file).

To make the format slightly easier to use by hand inside the config, a few adaptations have been made:

  • The meta data of the item (anything that is located inside the meta section of Bukkit's item serialization) is placed at the same level / the same section as the item's type. For example:
    • Display name, lore, enchantments, etc.
  • Any (common) data that is not required for our purpose or can easily be restored by the plugin is omitted. For example:
    • The item's amount
    • The item's version v
    • The data type ids ==: org.bukkit.inventory.ItemStack and ==: ItemMeta.
      Note that for all other, lower-level item data with these data type ids, they are still required (eg. ==: org.bukkit.attribute.AttributeModifier for attribute modifiers, or ==: Pattern for banner patterns, etc.).
    • The item's meta-type id
  • The display name and lore support color/formatting codes starting with & (instead of using minecraft's §), eg. &a for green. See for a list of all existing formatting codes in minecraft.
  • For specifying an item without any special data, a more compact representation is used. For example:
    shop-creation-item: VILLAGER_SPAWN_EGG
    instead of

Note that the YAML format is indention sensitive. If you run into issues with your config not getting loaded correctly, make sure that you are using spaces instead of tabs and check your config with some YAML syntax checker available online, such as for example or
Also make sure that you haven't misspelled any of the item's attributes.

Common mistakes:

  • enchantments instead of enchants
  • display name instead of display-name
  • damage instead of Damage


  type: EMERALD
  display-name: '&aA fancy looking crystal'
  - 'It looks precious.'
  - 'I might be able to sell it.'

Command /shopkeepers yaml

The /shopkeepers yaml command can be used to print Bukkit's yaml serialization of the item held in hand, as well as its formatted item data for use inside the config. The output gets also logged to the console for easier copying (and because it is often too large for the in-game chat).

Item matching

When checking if some in-game item matches the item data specified in the config, we only check if it contains the specified data. So this does not check for item data equality, but instead the checked item is able to contain additional data but still get matched. For example, when specifying

  display-name: '&aShopkeeper egg'

inside the config, any villager spawn egg item with display name &aShopkeeper egg can be used to create shopkeepers, even if the actually used item contains additional data, such as lore or enchantments.

Also note that specified list data (such as item lore) has to perfectly match (it's not pssible for the checked item to contain additional lore lines), while for data such as enchantments it is possible for a matching item to contain enchantments additional to the ones specified in the config.

Another limitation (due to the simple nature of the implementation) is that it is currently not possible to specify that a matching item is supposed to not contain certain data. For example, it is not possible to specify that an item is supposed to not have a special display name, or not contain any lore or enchantments. Both



  display-name: ''

will allow players to use any villager spawn egg item to create shopkeepers, regardless of whether the used item has a custom display name or not.

Default configuration

# *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
# Shopkeepers Config
# Wiki:
# The wiki also explains how item data gets specified inside the config.
# *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*

# Determines the required config migrations. Do not edit manually!
config-version: 2
# The initial debugging state of the plugin.
debug: false
# Additional debugging options.
# - 'log-all-events': Logs all events.
# - 'print-listeners': Prints the registered listeners for the first call of
#   each event.
debug-options: []
# Whether to report anonymous usage statistics to
# All reported information can be found here:
enable-metrics: true

# *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
# Shopkeeper Data
# *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*

# The file encoding to use for the save file. If empty, your system's default
# encoding will be used. If you have issues with the save file, such as special
# characters not being saved correctly, try setting this option to 'UTF-8'.
file-encoding: "UTF-8"
# Whether the save file shall get written every time a shopkeeper was edited.
# If disabled, saving will occur at 5 minute intervals and on plugin shutdown.
# If you have a large server with many players and/or many shopkeepers, it
# might be a good idea to disable this for performance reasons.
save-instantly: true

# *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
# Plugin Compatibility
# *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*

# Whether the plugin shall periodically verify that all shopkeepers that should
# currently be spawned are actually present. This should only be enabled if you
# have problems with shopkeepers disappearing.
enable-spawn-verifier: false
# If enabled, Shopkeepers tries to bypass other plugins which deny mob spawning
# (ex. land protection plugins).
bypass-spawn-blocking: true
# If enabled, Shopkeepers takes into account whether other plugins deny
# interaction with the shopkeepers.
check-shop-interaction-result: false

# If enabled, players will only be able to place shopkeepers where they have
# permission from WorldGuard to build or where the 'allow-shop' flag is set.
enable-world-guard-restrictions: false
# If enabled (additionally to the enable-world-guard-restrictions setting),
# players will only be able to place shopkeepers in regions where the
# 'allow-shop' flag is set, but nowhere else. However, players will still
# require chest access for shop setup to work. And in case they can't place
# chests in the affected region, shop chests need to be pre-setup by someone
# else and the require-chest-recently-placed setting needs to be disabled.
require-world-guard-allow-shop-flag: false
# Whether to register the allow-shop flag with WorldGuard (if no other plugin
# has registered it yet). Usually there should be no need to disable this.
# Changing this setting has no effect until the next server restart or full
# server reload!
register-world-guard-allow-shop-flag: true

# If enabled, players will only be able to place shopkeepers in places that
# have been designated as commercial areas by Towny.
enable-towny-restrictions: false

# *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
# Shop Creation (and removal)
# *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*

# The item used to create player shops.
shop-creation-item: VILLAGER_SPAWN_EGG

# Whether to prevent normal usage of the shop-creation item. Players with the
# bypass permission (usually admins) can bypass this.
prevent-shop-creation-item-regular-usage: false
# Whether deleting (or destroying) a player shopkeeper returns (drops) the
# shop-creation item.
deleting-player-shop-returns-creation-item: false

# Whether to allow creating player shops with the /shopkeeper command.
create-player-shop-with-command: false

# Whether the selected chest must have been recently placed by the player
# attempting to create the shopkeeper.
require-chest-recently-placed: true
# The maximum distance a player shopkeeper can be placed from its backing
# chest. This cannot be set to a value greater than 50.
max-chest-distance: 15
# The default maximum number of shops a player can have. Set to 0 to allow any
# number of shops.
max-shops-per-player: 0
# A list of permission nodes that can be used to explicitly set the maximum
# number of shops a specific player or group of players can have. Use the
# shopkeeper.maxshops.<count> permission node pattern to use this feature.
max-shops-perm-options: 5,15,25

# Whether to protect player shop chests from being accessed or broken. Usually
# it is recommended to keep this enabled.
protect-chests: true
# Whether to prevent item movement from and to protected shop chests (via
# hoppers, droppers, etc.). Item movement will always be allowed if the chest
# protection is disabled.
prevent-item-movement: true
# Whether to delete player shopkeepers when their backing chest is broken.
delete-shopkeeper-on-break-chest: false

# If enabled (set to a value greater than 0), Shopkeepers will check for and
# remove the shops of inactive players once every plugin start. This setting
# determines how many days ago a player's last login has to be in order for the
# player to be considered inactive.
player-shopkeeper-inactive-days: 0

# *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
# Shop (Object) Types
# *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*

# A list of mob types which can be used for shopkeepers. Adding new mob types
# to the defaults here is unsupported, as some mob types might not properly
# work and can cause all kinds of issues.

# With the old behavior the mobs can be pushed around and their AI and gravity
# is handled by minecraft itself. With the new behavior all their vanilla AI is
# disabled and their gravity and behavior is handled by the plugin instead.
use-legacy-mob-behavior: false
# Whether shopkeeper mobs shall not be affected by gravity.
disable-gravity: false
# The range in chunks around players in which shopkeeper mobs will be affected
# by gravity. Setting this too high may have a negative impact on performance.
# And setting it below the server's entity tracking range will result in
# players being able to see mobs floating in mid air until they get close
# enough. A value of 0 will limit the gravity to mobs within chunks that
# contain a player. This has no effect if gravity is disabled, or when using
# the legacy mob behavior.
gravity-chunk-range: 4

# Whether mob shopkeepers make sounds.
silence-living-shop-entities: true

# Whether to show nameplates of mob shopkeepers.
show-nameplates: true
# Whether to always show nameplates. If disabled, nameplates will only be shown
# when looking directly at the shopkeeper. Note: This might no longer work
# since MC 1.8.
always-show-nameplates: false
# The prefix for nameplates (to help distinguish them from players).
nameplate-prefix: "&a"

# Whether to allow citizen (npc) shops. Requires the plugin Citizens.
enable-citizen-shops: false

# Whether to allow sign shops.
enable-sign-shops: true
# Whether to allow the creation of sign posts (instead of only wall signs).
enable-sign-post-shops: true
# The first line of a sign shop.
sign-shop-first-line: "[SHOP]"

# *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
# Naming
# *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*

# A regular expression used to validate shopkeeper names. For detailed
# information on the regular expression format see the java documentation:
# Here are a few examples:
# * "[A-Za-z0-9 ]{3,25}": The default. Allows letters and numbers, from 3 to 25
# characters long.
# * "[A-Za-z0-9& ]{3,25}": Same as the default, but allows the ampersand
# character which enables color codes.
# * ".*": Allows everything.
name-regex: "[A-Za-z0-9 ]{3,25}"
# Whether player shops get named via item. This will hide the naming option
# from the editor menu.
naming-of-player-shops-via-item: false
# Whether renaming of player npc (citizen) shopkeepers is allowed. By default
# those shopkeepers will be named after the player who owns the shop.
allow-renaming-of-player-npc-shops: false

# *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
# Editor Menu
# *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*

# The window title of the shopkeeper editor menu.
editor-title: "Shopkeeper Editor"

# The items used for the buttons and icons in the trades page row.
# The display name and lore of these items get set via the corresponding
# messages and can therefore not be defined here.
previous-page-item: WRITABLE_BOOK
next-page-item: WRITABLE_BOOK
current-page-item: WRITABLE_BOOK
trade-setup-item: PAPER

# The item used for the set-name button, and the naming item (if enabled).
name-item: NAME_TAG

# Whether the editor menu of player shops contains an options to open the
# shop's chest.
enable-chest-option-on-player-shop: true
# The item used for the open-chest button.
chest-item: CHEST

# The item used for the delete button.
delete-item: BONE

# *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
# Non-shopkeeper villagers
# *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*

# Whether to prevent trading with non-shopkeeper villagers.
disable-other-villagers: false
# Whether to block regular non-shopkeeper villagers from spawning. Villagers
# spawned by plugins, spawn eggs, mob spawners or by curing zombie villagers
# are however not affected by this.
block-villager-spawns: false
# Whether to prevent curing of zombie villagers.
disable-zombie-villager-curing: false
# Whether non-shopkeeper villagers can be hired.
hire-other-villagers: false

# Whether to prevent trading with non-shopkeeper wandering traders.
disable-wandering-traders: false
# Whether to block non-shopkeeper wandering traders and trader llamas from
# spawning. Wandering traders and trader llamas spawned by plugins, spawn eggs
# or mob spawners are however not affected by this.
block-wandering-trader-spawns: false
# Whether non-shopkeeper wandering traders can be hired.
hire-wandering-traders: false

# *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
# Hiring
# *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*

# The item to use for the hire button in player shopkeepers that are for sale,
# and for the hire-cost when hiring non-shopkeeper villagers.
hire-item: EMERALD
# The amount of hire-cost items it costs to hire a non-shopkeeper villager.
hire-other-villagers-costs: 1
# The title of the hiring inventory window when hiring a player shopkeeper.
for-hire-title: "For Hire"
# Whether hiring a player shopkeeper also requires the permission to create
# player shopkeepers of that type.
hire-require-creation-permission: true

# *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
# Trading
# *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*

# Whether to prevent players from trading with their own shopkeepers. Keeping
# this enabled is recommended.
prevent-trading-with-own-shop: true
# With this enabled player shopkeepers don't trade while their owner is online.
# This might be useful for role-playing servers, which wish to force players to
# trade with each other directly while being online.
prevent-trading-while-owner-is-online: false
# Minecraft allows trading of not fully matching items in some situations
# (ex. items with additional data are accepted in trades). With this enabled
# Shopkeepers will always check that the traded items are fully matching and it
# will prevent the trade once the player tries to pickup the item from the
# trading result slot.
use-strict-item-comparison: false
# Whether all shopkeeper purchases shall be logged to csv files in the plugin
# folder. Note: This might currently not properly work for admin shops, so
# don't rely on the correctness of the logged purchases for those!
enable-purchase-logging: false
# Whether to increment minecraft's talked-to-villager and traded-with-villager
# statistics whenever a player opens the trading menu and trades with a
# shopkeeper.
increment-villager-statistics: false

# The percentage that should be removed from player shop earnings.
tax-rate: 0
# Whether to round up instead of down when calculating the tax of a player shop
# transaction.
tax-round-up: false

# *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
# Currencies
# *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*

# The item for the currency used in player shops.
currency-item: EMERALD

# The item for the placeholder when a player has not set the cost for an item.
zero-currency-item: BARRIER

# The item for a second, higher-value currency used in the second trading slot
# of player shops. Set to 'AIR' to disable the second currency.
high-currency-item: EMERALD_BLOCK

# The item for the placeholder when a player has not set the second currency
# cost for an item.
zero-high-currency-item: BARRIER

# The value of the second currency, based on the first currency.
high-currency-value: 9
# The second currency will only be used if an item's cost is greater than this
# value.
high-currency-min-cost: 20

# *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
# Messages
# *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*

language: en

msg-shop-type-admin-regular: "Admin shop"
msg-shop-type-selling: "Selling shop"
msg-shop-type-buying: "Buying shop"
msg-shop-type-trading: "Trading shop"
msg-shop-type-book: "Book shop"

msg-shop-type-desc-admin-regular: "has unlimited stock"
msg-shop-type-desc-selling: "sells items to players"
msg-shop-type-desc-buying: "buys items from players"
msg-shop-type-desc-trading: "trades items with players"
msg-shop-type-desc-book: "sells book copies"

msg-shop-object-type-living: "{type}"
msg-shop-object-type-sign: "sign"
msg-shop-object-type-npc: "npc"

msg-selected-shop-type: "&aSelected shop type: &6{type} &7({description})"
msg-selected-shop-object-type: "&aSelected object type: &6{type}"

msg-creation-item-selected: |
    &aShop creation:
    &e  Left/Right-click to select the shop type.
    &e  Sneak + left/right-click to select the object type.
    &e  Right-click a chest to select it.
    &e  Then right-click a block to place the shopkeeper.

msg-button-previous-page: "&6<- Previous page ({prev_page} of {max_page})"
msg-button-previous-page-lore: []
msg-button-next-page: "&6Next page ({next_page} of {max_page}) ->"
msg-button-next-page-lore: []
msg-button-current-page: "&6Page {page} of {max_page}"
msg-button-current-page-lore: []

msg-button-name: "&aSet shop name"
- Lets you rename
- your shopkeeper
msg-button-chest: "&aView chest inventory"
- Lets you view the inventory
- your shopkeeper is using
msg-button-delete: "&4Delete"
- Closes and removes
- this shopkeeper
msg-button-hire: "&aHire"
- Buy this shopkeeper

msg-button-sign-variant: "&aChoose sign variant"
- "Changes the sign's"
- "wood type"
msg-button-baby: "&aToggle baby variant"
- "Toggles between the mob's"
- "baby and adult variant"
msg-button-sitting: "&aToggle sitting pose"
- "Toggles the mob's"
- "sitting pose"
msg-button-cat-variant: "&aChoose cat variant"
- "Changes the cat's look"
msg-button-collar-color: "&aChoose collar color"
- "Changes the mob's"
- "collar color"
msg-button-wolf-angry: "&aToggle angry wolf"
- "Toggles the wolf's"
- "angry state"
msg-button-carrying-chest: "&aToggle carrying chest"
- "Toggles whether the mob"
- "is carrying a chest"
msg-button-horse-color: "&aChoose horse color"
- "Changes the color"
- "of the horse"
msg-button-horse-style: "&aChoose horse style"
- "Changes the coat pattern"
- "of the horse"
msg-button-horse-armor: "&aChoose horse armor"
- "Changes the armor"
- "of the horse"
msg-button-llama-variant: "&aChoose llama variant"
- "Changes the llama's look"
msg-button-llama-carpet-color: "&aLlama carpet color"
- "Changes the llama's"
- "carpet color"
msg-button-creeper-charged: "&aToggle charged creeper"
- "Toggles the creeper's"
- "charged state"
msg-button-fox-variant: "&aChoose fox variant"
- "Changes the fox's look"
msg-button-fox-crouching: "&aToggle crouching pose"
- "Toggles the fox's"
- "crouching pose"
msg-button-fox-sleeping: "&aToggle sleeping pose"
- "Toggles the fox's"
- "sleeping pose"
msg-button-mooshroom-variant: "&aChoose mooshroom variant"
- "Changes the look"
- "of the mooshroom"
msg-button-panda-variant: "&aChoose panda variant"
- "Changes the panda's look"
msg-button-parrot-variant: "&aChoose parrot variant"
- "Changes the parrot's look"
msg-button-pig-saddle: "&aToggle pig saddle"
- "Toggles the pig's saddle"
msg-button-sheep-color: "&aChoose sheep color"
- "Changes the sheep's"
- "wool color"
msg-button-sheep-sheared: "&aToggle sheared sheep"
- "Toggles the sheep's"
- "sheared state"
msg-button-villager-profession: "&aChoose villager profession"
- "Changes the profession"
- "of the villager"
msg-button-villager-variant: "&aChoose villager variant"
- "Changes the look"
- "of the villager"
msg-button-villager-level: "&aChoose villager level"
- "Changes the level"
- "of the villager"
msg-button-zombie-villager-profession: "&aChoose villager profession"
- "Changes the profession"
- "of the zombie villager"

msg-trading-title-prefix: "&2"
msg-trading-title-default: "Shopkeeper"

msg-selected-chest: "&aChest selected! Right-click a block to place your shopkeeper."
msg-must-select-chest: "&7You must right-click a chest before placing your shopkeeper."
msg-no-chest-selected: "&7The selected block is not a chest!"
msg-chest-too-far: "&7The shopkeeper's chest is too far away!"
msg-chest-not-placed: "&7You must select a chest you have recently placed!"
msg-chest-already-in-use: "&7Another shopkeeper is already using the selected chest!"
msg-no-chest-access: "&7You cannot access the selected chest!"
msg-too-many-shops: "&7You have too many shops!"
msg-no-admin-shop-type-selected: "&7You have to select an admin shop type!"
msg-no-player-shop-type-selected: "&7You have to select a player shop type!"
msg-shop-create-fail: "&7You cannot create a shopkeeper there."

msg-type-new-name: "&aPlease type the shop's name into the chat.\n  &aType a dash (-) to remove the name."
msg-name-set: "&aThe shop's name has been set!"
msg-name-has-not-changed: "&aThe shop's name has not changed."
msg-name-invalid: "&aThat name is not valid!"

msg-shop-type-disabled: "&7The shop type '&6{type}&7' is disabled."
msg-shop-object-type-disabled: "&7The shop object type '&6{type}&7' is disabled."

msg-must-target-shop: "&7You have to target a shopkeeper."
msg-must-target-admin-shop: "&7You have to target an admin shopkeeper."
msg-must-target-player-shop: "&7You have to target a player shopkeeper."
msg-target-entity-is-no-shop: "&7The targeted entity is no shopkeeper."
msg-target-shop-is-no-admin-shop: "&7The targeted shopkeeper is no admin shopkeeper."
msg-target-shop-is-no-player-shop: "&7The targeted shopkeeper is no player shopkeeper."
msg-unused-chest: "&7No shopkeeper is using this chest."
msg-not-owner: "&7You are not the owner of this shopkeeper."
msg-owner-set: "&aNew owner was set to &e{owner}"
msg-shop-creation-items-given: "&aPlayer &e{player}&a has received &e{amount}&a shop creation item(s)!"
msg-unknown-book-author: "Unknown"

msg-trade-perm-set: "&aThe shop's trading permission has been set to '&e{perm}&a'!"
msg-trade-perm-removed: "&aThe shop's trading permission '&e{perm}&a' has been removed!"
msg-trade-perm-view: "&aThe shop's current trading permission is '&e{perm}&a'."

msg-zombie-villager-curing-disabled: "&7Curing of zombie villagers is disabled."
msg-must-hold-hire-item: "&7You have to hold the required hire item in your hand."
msg-set-for-hire: "&aThe Shopkeeper was set for hire."
msg-hired: "&aYou have hired this shopkeeper!"
msg-missing-hire-perm: "&7You do not have the permission to hire shopkeepers."
msg-cant-hire: "&7You cannot afford to hire this shopkeeper."
msg-cant-hire-shop-type: "&7You do not have the permission to hire this type of shopkeeper."
msg-villager-for-hire: "&aThe villager offered his services as a shopkeeper in exchange for &6{costs}x {hire-item}&a."

msg-missing-trade-perm: "&7You do not have the permission to trade with this shop."
msg-missing-custom-trade-perm: "&7You do not have the permission to trade with this shop."
msg-cant-trade-while-owner-online: "&7You cannot trade while the owner of this shop ('&e{owner}&7') is online."

msg-shopkeeper-created: "&aShopkeeper created: &6{type} &7({description})\n{setupDesc}"

msg-shop-setup-desc-selling: |
    &e  Add items you want to sell to your chest, then
    &e  right-click the shop while sneaking to modify costs.
msg-shop-setup-desc-buying: |
    &e  Add one of each item you want to buy to your chest, then
    &e  right-click the shop while sneaking to modify costs.
msg-shop-setup-desc-trading: |
    &e  Add items you want to sell to your chest, then
    &e  right-click the shop while sneaking to modify costs.
msg-shop-setup-desc-book: |
    &e  Add written books and blank books to your chest, then
    &e  right-click the shop while sneaking to modify costs.
msg-shop-setup-desc-admin-regular: |
    &e  Right-click the shop while sneaking to modify trades.

msg-trade-setup-desc-header: '&6{shopType}'
- Has unlimited stock.
- Insert items from your inventory.
- Left/Right click to adjust amounts.
- 'Top row: Result items'
- 'Bottom rows: Cost items'
- Sells items to players.
- Insert items to sell into the chest.
- Left/Right click to adjust amounts.
- 'Top row: Items being sold'
- 'Bottom rows: Cost items'
- Buys items from players.
- Insert one of each item you want to
- buy and plenty of currency items
- into the chest.
- Left/Right click to adjust amounts.
- 'Top row: Cost items'
- 'Bottom row: Items being bought'
- Trades items with players.
- Pickup an item from your inventory
- and then click a slot to place it.
- Left/Right click to adjust amounts.
- 'Top row: Result items'
- 'Bottom rows: Cost items'
- Sells book copies.
- Insert written and blank books
- into the chest.
- Left/Right click to adjust costs.
- 'Top row: Books being sold'
- 'Bottom rows: Cost items'

msg-list-admin-shops-header: "&9There are &e{shopsCount} &9admin shops: &e(Page {page} of {maxPage})"
msg-list-player-shops-header: "&9Player '&e{player}&9' has &e{shopsCount} &9shops: &e(Page {page} of {maxPage})"
msg-list-shops-entry: "  &e{shopSessionId}) &7{shopName}&r&8at &7({location})&8, type: &7{shopType}&8, object type: &7{objectType}"

msg-removed-admin-shops: "&e{shopsCount} &aadmin shops were removed."
msg-removed-player-shops: "&e{shopsCount} &ashops of player '&e{player}&a' were removed."
msg-removed-all-player-shops: "&aAll &e{shopsCount} &aplayer shops were removed."

msg-confirm-remove-admin-shops: "&cYou are about to irrevocable remove all admin shops!"
msg-confirm-remove-own-shops: "&cYou are about to irrevocable remove all your shops!"
msg-confirm-remove-player-shops: "&cYou are about to irrevocable remove all shops of player &6{player}&c!"
msg-confirm-remove-all-player-shops: "&cYou are about to irrevocable remove all player shops of all players!"

msg-confirmation-required: "&7Please confirm this action by typing &6/shopkeepers confirm"
msg-confirmation-expired: "&cConfirmation expired."
msg-nothing-to-confirm: "&cThere is nothing to confirm currently."

msg-no-permission: "&cYou don't have the permission to do that."

msg-command-unknown: "&cUnknown command '&e{command}&c'!"
msg-command-argument-unexpected: "&cUnexpected argument '&e{argument}&c'."
msg-command-argument-missing: "&cMissing argument '&e{argumentFormat}&c'."
msg-command-argument-invalid: "&cInvalid argument '&e{argument}&c'."
msg-command-player-argument-missing: "&cNo player specified for '&e{argumentFormat}&c'."
msg-command-player-argument-invalid: "&cNo player found for '&e{argument}&c'."
msg-command-shop-type-argument-invalid: "&cUnknown shop type '&e{argument}&c'."
msg-command-shop-object-type-argument-invalid: "&cUnknown shop object type '&e{argument}&c'."
msg-command-shopkeeper-argument-invalid: "&cNo shopkeeper found for '&e{argument}&c'."
msg-command-shopkeeper-argument-no-admin-shop: "&cShopkeeper '&e{argument}&c' is no admin shopkeeper."
msg-command-shopkeeper-argument-no-player-shop: "&cShopkeeper '&e{argument}&c' is no player shopkeeper."

msg-command-help-title: "&9***** &8[&6Shopkeepers v{version}&8] &9*****"
msg-command-help-usage-format: "&e{usage}"
msg-command-help-description-format: "&8 - &3{description}"

msg-command-description-shopkeeper: "Creates a shopkeeper."
msg-command-description-help: "Shows this help page."
msg-command-description-reload: "Reloads this plugin."
msg-command-description-debug: "Toggles debug mode on and off."
msg-command-description-list: "Lists all shops for the specified player, or all admin shops."
msg-command-description-remove: "Removes all shops for the specified player, all players, or all admin shops."
msg-command-description-give: "Gives shop creation item(s) to the specified player."
msg-command-description-remote: "Remotely opens a shop."
msg-command-description-remote-edit: "Remotely edits a shop."
msg-command-description-transfer: "Transfers the ownership of a shop."
msg-command-description-settradeperm: "Sets, removes (-) or displays (?) the trading permission."
msg-command-description-setforhire: "Sets one of your shops for sale."
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