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2. Learning Git


  1. Start your training with the free course: Try Git
  2. It is important to understand the process in this article.
    • Memorizing the commands is not important because those are part of the UI in tools like SourceTree as clickable buttons.
  3. Watch this presentation on Git Flow by Aquid
  4. Then move on to intermediate courses which require a paid subscription. There is a very good chance that your company already pays for it or could start paying for it. So quickly check with your reporting manager to make use of what's available.
    1. Git Real
    2. Git Real 2
    3. Mastering Github
  5. Git Hooks


  1. For those who love research and fully understand everything thus far perfectly ... you can also read up on:
    1. An interesting idea on how to do setup gitglow to be slightly different.
    2. Feature Branches & Pull Requests


  1. How can we update a fork with changes from its source?
  2. How can we view just the commits that touched a particular line in a file?
  3. How to fix tabs, indentation and whitespaces without changing git history?
  4. How can we collect git statistics?
  5. tbd...