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6. ElasticSearch

Version Tools

esvm - Elasticsearch Version Manager is a command line application used for development to manage different versions of Elasticsearch. Like nvm is for NodeJS, similarly esvm is for ElasticSearch.

Useful plugins


  • ES Head - simplest admin console for ES.
  • ES Inquisitor helps you understand:
    • how ES breaks down your text into tokens for storage, and
    • your search into tokens for lookups.
    • Access it at: <proto>//<host>:<port>/_plugin/inquisitor/#/analyzers
  • Sense - An extension for the Chrome Browser. Very useful, you can find it in the chrome web store.


  • ES GUI - An angularJS client for elasticsearch as a plugin.
  • Sensitive - A native version of the sense plugin for elasticsearch
  • ReclineJS - for building good UI on top of CouchDB.
  • Approx - to do approximate or exact distinct counts, and fast term lists
  • Elastic Facets - A set of facets and related tools for ElasticSearch.
  • Elastic Hammer - Sense would suffice in our opinion. The only additional merit we see, is that it renders images inline, when presenting search results.

TODO for Authors: Need to create a docker-compose file with an entrypoint script that installs this plugin for readers to play around with the most appropriate version of ES. Plugins usually can't keep up with the lightning fast progress of ES.

Useful tips


Rebuilding an index

Examples & Exercises

TODO for Authors: Need to create a docker-compose file to setup and play with analyzers quickly.

TODO for Authors: Use sense chrome plugin or CURL to demonstrate.

GET /my_index/_analyze?field=product.image_url&text="t112_1059_Cinnamon - Incense Stick"

GET /_analyze?tokenizer=keyword&filters=lowercase&text="t112_1059_Cinnamon - Incense Stick"

GET /_analyze?token_filters=word_delimiter&text="O’Neil’s hello---there, dude SD500 PowerShot Wi-Fi"

GET /_analyze?tokenizer=standard&text="t112_1059_Cinnamon - Incense Stick"

GET /_analyze?analyzer=simple&text="t112_1059_Cinnamon - Incense Stick"

GET /_analyze?tokenizer=keyword&token_filters=word_delimiter,lowercase&text="t112_1059_Cinnamon - Incense Stick"

GET /my_index/_analyze?"t112_1059_Cinnamon - Incense Stick"

POST /my_index/product/_search

POST /my_index/product/_search

GET /my_index/_analyze?field=product.barcodes&text="['20015','20016']"

POST /my_index/product/_search
   "query": {
      "term": {
         "barcodes": "MANUAL:20015"
POST /my_index/product/_search
   "query": {
      "multi_match": {
         "query": "20015",
         "fields": [

POST /my_index/product/_search
   "query": {
      "match_all": {}
   "facets": {
      "department_name": {
         "terms": {
            "field": "barcodes"