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See the github wiki for documentation. You can also check out the example code under the example directory and run erld -h for an explanation of parameters.

To build and install from a clean checkout:

    sudo make install


erld doesn't require much to build. In addition to Erlang, you will need libproc and its development files (headers etc) and that should be all (aside from standard stuff like a compiler and autotools which pretty much any developer will already have installed).

For Debian-derived systems, the development packages required are libprocps-dev and erlang-dev (or esl-erlang if you're using Erlang Solutions' packages).

There are no specific version restrictions on Erlang that we're aware of - we've been running this code since R13 and are still using it without signficant modification on R16. If you do encounter a problem with a particular version, please let us know.

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