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ShortifyURL Is An Open Source And Easy To Install URL Shortner.
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Not Like Your Average URL Shortner. - @AdityaTD

An Open Source URL Shortner developed for the community, by the community


ShortifyURL or just Shortify is an open source easy to install and use URL Shortner. All you have to do is to drop these files in your web server's folder (htdocs I'd suppose) and just by clicking a few buttons, your URL Shortner would be ready to roll.


  • No Database Like MySQL Required At All.
  • Search Engine Optimized For High Rankings.
  • Uses Bootswatch Themes which makes it responsive on devices.
  • Theme can be customized by entering your favourite Bootswatch Theme URL.
  • Link Length & Letters can be changed as well.
  • Has an awesome Setup page.
  • Extremely User Friendly.
  • And Much More!!

Last Stable Build

Shortify Version 0.0.3 | Click Here to Download.

Future Todos

  • Admin Page with Tracking Hits.
  • URL Tracking Page for every URL.
  • API to Shorten URL's.

How To Use

Reffer to this Wiki post we have made which describes how to install and use Shortify. Click Here

Examples (People/Companies Using Shortify)

Basis Media - Click Here


Your support keeps Shortify up-to date with newwer features. Click Here -> Donation Link. Any amount is appreciated. Your name will be in a list of donators on this page.


If you want to have a customization, need help with hosting or want us to host it for you, Just Contact Us at "" or on twitter "@adityatripathid".


GNU General Public License v3.0 (GNU GPLv3)

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