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This plugin started off as a copy of HydraHCF's staff mode plugin back in July of 2015. After selling over ninety copies on MCM and making multiple revisions, it is now free to the public!

Version 3.0 changelog (major features)

  • TONS of new configuration options.
  • GUI hub in staff mode that allows for multiple different teleportation and management options.
  • Counter item in staff mode shows amount of staff online or amount of staff in staff mode. Also allows for teleportation.
  • Multiple examine improvements.
  • Ability to add unlimited custom modules with tons of options.
  • Brand new ticket management system.
  • Better overall alerts handling.
  • Configurable messages with language support.
  • Version independence (from 1.7 to 1.11).
  • Fixed all known bugs.
  • Removed ProtocolLib dependency.

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