Checks for PATH substitution vulnerabilities and logs the commands executed by the vulnerable executables
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Pa(th)zuzu! (v1.6.9)

Checks for PATH substitution vulnerabilities, logs the commands executed by the vulnerable executables and injects a reverse shell with the permissions of the owner of the process.

#How to make it work

  • curl >
  • chmod +x
  • ./
 __      /___    \ ___    ___
|__) /\ (  | |__| ) _//  \ _//  \|
|   /--\ \ | |  |/ /__\__//__\__/. v1.6.9

Usage: pathzuzu [-e command] [-r address:port] [-t seconds] command [args]
        -c              Check for updates (github)
        -e command      Execute command if target is vulnerable
        -r address:port Starts reverse shell to address:port
        -t seconds      Timeout. Kills target after $seconds seconds

Extra flags, requiring -e or -r:
        -g gid  Run command/ only if the group is $gid
        -u uid  Run command/ only if the user is $uid

Note: SUID files can bypass the -t flag, it's not a kill-proof solution.
Process may hang because of that.

Returns 0 if the executable is vulnerable, 1 otherwise.

Logs are saved in ( $(basename "$0").log )

Demostration (warning: in asciinema on some [very tiny] devices the right part of the screen it's not viewable even while in landscape):