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Ultimate auto-completion system for Vim.
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Note: It is not maintained well. You should use neocomplete instead.


neocomplcache is the abbreviation of "neo-completion with cache". It provides keyword completion system by maintaining a cache of keywords in the current buffer. neocomplcache could be customized easily and has a lot more features than the Vim's standard completion feature.

If you use Vim 7.3.885 or above with if_lua feature, you should use neocomplete. It is faster than neocomplcache.


  • Extract the file and put files in your Vim directory (usually ~/.vim/ or Program Files/Vim/vimfiles on Windows).
  • Execute |:NeoComplCacheEnable| command or let g:neocomplcache_enable_at_startup = 1 in your .vimrc. Not in .gvimrc(_gvimrc)!


Because all variable names were changed in neocomplcache Ver.5, it is not backwards compatible. If you want to upgrade, you should use the following script from Mr.thinca.

Snippets feature(snippets_complete source) was split from Ver.7. If you used it, please install neosnippet source manually.

Screen shots

Original filename completion.

Original filename completion.

Omni completion.

Omni completion.

Completion with vimshell(

Completion with vimshell(

Vim completion

Vim completion.

Setting examples

"Note: This option must set it in .vimrc(_vimrc).  NOT IN .gvimrc(_gvimrc)!
" Disable AutoComplPop.
let g:acp_enableAtStartup = 0
" Use neocomplcache.
let g:neocomplcache_enable_at_startup = 1
" Use smartcase.
let g:neocomplcache_enable_smart_case = 1
" Set minimum syntax keyword length.
let g:neocomplcache_min_syntax_length = 3
let g:neocomplcache_lock_buffer_name_pattern = '\*ku\*'

" Enable heavy features.
" Use camel case completion.
"let g:neocomplcache_enable_camel_case_completion = 1
" Use underbar completion.
"let g:neocomplcache_enable_underbar_completion = 1

" Define dictionary.
let g:neocomplcache_dictionary_filetype_lists = {
    \ 'default' : '',
    \ 'vimshell' : $HOME.'/.vimshell_hist',
    \ 'scheme' : $HOME.'/.gosh_completions'
        \ }

" Define keyword.
if !exists('g:neocomplcache_keyword_patterns')
    let g:neocomplcache_keyword_patterns = {}
let g:neocomplcache_keyword_patterns['default'] = '\h\w*'

" Plugin key-mappings.
inoremap <expr><C-g>     neocomplcache#undo_completion()
inoremap <expr><C-l>     neocomplcache#complete_common_string()

" Recommended key-mappings.
" <CR>: close popup and save indent.
inoremap <silent> <CR> <C-r>=<SID>my_cr_function()<CR>
function! s:my_cr_function()
  return neocomplcache#smart_close_popup() . "\<CR>"
  " For no inserting <CR> key.
  "return pumvisible() ? neocomplcache#close_popup() : "\<CR>"
" <TAB>: completion.
inoremap <expr><TAB>  pumvisible() ? "\<C-n>" : "\<TAB>"
" <C-h>, <BS>: close popup and delete backword char.
inoremap <expr><C-h> neocomplcache#smart_close_popup()."\<C-h>"
inoremap <expr><BS> neocomplcache#smart_close_popup()."\<C-h>"
inoremap <expr><C-y>  neocomplcache#close_popup()
inoremap <expr><C-e>  neocomplcache#cancel_popup()
" Close popup by <Space>.
"inoremap <expr><Space> pumvisible() ? neocomplcache#close_popup() : "\<Space>"

" For cursor moving in insert mode(Not recommended)
"inoremap <expr><Left>  neocomplcache#close_popup() . "\<Left>"
"inoremap <expr><Right> neocomplcache#close_popup() . "\<Right>"
"inoremap <expr><Up>    neocomplcache#close_popup() . "\<Up>"
"inoremap <expr><Down>  neocomplcache#close_popup() . "\<Down>"
" Or set this.
"let g:neocomplcache_enable_cursor_hold_i = 1
" Or set this.
"let g:neocomplcache_enable_insert_char_pre = 1

" AutoComplPop like behavior.
"let g:neocomplcache_enable_auto_select = 1

" Shell like behavior(not recommended).
"set completeopt+=longest
"let g:neocomplcache_enable_auto_select = 1
"let g:neocomplcache_disable_auto_complete = 1
"inoremap <expr><TAB>  pumvisible() ? "\<Down>" : "\<C-x>\<C-u>"

" Enable omni completion.
autocmd FileType css setlocal omnifunc=csscomplete#CompleteCSS
autocmd FileType html,markdown setlocal omnifunc=htmlcomplete#CompleteTags
autocmd FileType javascript setlocal omnifunc=javascriptcomplete#CompleteJS
autocmd FileType python setlocal omnifunc=pythoncomplete#Complete
autocmd FileType xml setlocal omnifunc=xmlcomplete#CompleteTags

" Enable heavy omni completion.
if !exists('g:neocomplcache_force_omni_patterns')
  let g:neocomplcache_force_omni_patterns = {}
let g:neocomplcache_force_omni_patterns.php = '[^. \t]->\h\w*\|\h\w*::'
let g:neocomplcache_force_omni_patterns.c = '[^.[:digit:] *\t]\%(\.\|->\)'
let g:neocomplcache_force_omni_patterns.cpp = '[^.[:digit:] *\t]\%(\.\|->\)\|\h\w*::'

" For perlomni.vim setting.
let g:neocomplcache_force_omni_patterns.perl = '\h\w*->\h\w*\|\h\w*::'
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