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The markdown parser, editor and viewer for Android which is rather easy to integrate.
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EasyMark is an open source project, aim at providing a markdown editor and viewer for better performance. This project used to be one part of my another open source app MarkNote. If you are interested in building an markdown note-taking application, you can refer to that project at


Here are some screenshots of this project,

The functions included now:

For editor:

  1. Based on the AppCompactEditText;
  2. Not real-time parsing and display, only display your raw markdown text;
  3. You can add your own functions by implementing the interface provided;
  4. Provided cool fast scroller;
  5. Support the BaseSoftInputLayout, to use it, you need to inlcude the sil dependence.

For viewer:

  1. Based on the WebView, for it has a better performance and many cool features;
  2. Support many basic markdown grammers;
  3. Support MathJax;
  4. Provided the interface to handle the image and link click event;
  5. Provided the interface for custom CSS;
  6. Support the raw HTML in markdown;
  7. Provided cool fast scroller.


First, include my maven center,

maven { url "" }

Then add the dependence in your proejct if you want to use EasyMark editor and viewer,

implementation 'me.shouheng.easymark:easymark:0.0.2'

Or maven,


If you want to use the SoftInputLayout in your project, include the following dependence in your gradle,

implementation 'me.shouheng.easymark:sil:0.0.1'

Or maven,


For more, please refer to the sample project.

Change log

  • EasyMark VERSION 0.0.1 : First release
  • EasyMark VERSION 0.0.2 : Fixed the method name and set the DayOneFormatHandler not final


If you have any good idea please contact me at

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