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Toou 2D - To facilitate the use and created for simplicity!

Hereinafter referred to as "T2D", Qt(quick) 2D lightweight framework crafted by the Toou team, is written using its own interface specifications and can be used for free for commercial software and open source projects. Concise code structure is easy to expand and modify, The performance and dynamics of the application are perfectly considered, solve the problem of few components, large volume, no theme package. The T2D use threshold is extremely low without in-depth study to get it right away.Every detail from the core code to the component API is carefully crafted to make it ideal for rapid development of the application interface.

::: What are his advantages

  1. Dozens of components to meet your different development needs
  2. Support for dynamic library, static library multi-mode compilation
  3. Qml plug-in is installed automatically without any environment setup
  4. All components support Theme feature
  5. Themes can be easily configured in the INI file
  6. Efficient running of switching theme without delay
  7. Better performance with Toou2D without Controls and Controls2
  8. Support for Font Awesome, Svg Icon
  9. Rich Demo for learning and reference, T2D is easier to get started with
  10. Support the use of local API documentation and network API documentation
  11. Planning a long-term open source route is clearandof and long-term maintenance is safe to use
  12. Inherit Qt cross-platform features and follow Qt syntax specification
  13. Let's create a better tomorrow together :)

::: These open source demos were developed using T2D

::: Start with running Example

Qt 5.6 or later is required.

  1. Turn the project clone locally and open using Qt creator

T2D support for macOS, Windows Build, can be published to macOS, Windows, iOS, Android and other multi-platform.

::: What components did T2D develop

Component Description
TAvatar Used to display user icon or rounded corner pictures
TawesomeIcon Font Awesome icon
TBadge Numbers or status markers that appear next to buttons, icons, or status tags
TBusyIndicator Show dynamics when loading data
TButton Common action buttons
TCarousel In a limited space, loop through the same type of pictures, text, and more
TCheckBox Multi-select in a set of alternatives
TDialog Inform the user and host the relevant action while retaining the current page state.
TDialogBasic which can customize the pop-up effects
TDialogButton Manipulation buttons embedded in the bottom of Dialog body
TDividerLine A line that divides content
TFlickable Content can be dragged, With horizontal and vertical scrollbars
TFpsMonitor Monitor current usage of FPS
TIcon Load automatically depending on source
TIconButton You can add icon buttons
TImage Qt supports all format image files
TImageButton Use images to make a button
TInputField Receives keyboard input characters
TLabel Displays a text content
TMask You can specify a specified area to display to the user
TMouseArea Receiving and corresponding mouse and touch area
TSandBar Provide navigation for applications
TObject Improved QtObject
TPagination Paging or shredding data
TPopover Modal, arbitrary position pop-up item
TPopoverMenu Shape-out menu boxes anywhere
TPopup shows a pop-up window that requires a custom body
TProgressBar Used to show the progress of a task
TRadioBox Select one of a set of alternatives
TRadioBoxGroup Manage RadioBox. Only one can be selected in the group
TRectangle A rectangle with color
TSVGIcon Svg icon,We did a lot of optimizations
TScrollbarH Horizontal scroll bars, controlable ListView, GridView, Flickablet, and more
TScrollbarV Vertical scroll bar,Apply to ListView or GridView or Flickablet
TSwitch Represents a switch between two opposing states
TTag Used for marking and selection
TToast Lightweight message feedback, in the form of little bullet boxes
... The new version will be more exciting :)

::: How to make a theme pack

The T2D topic data is all defined in the ini file. The ini file configuration can be written inside or outside the application. Ini node properties and simple general rules can be modified to achieve the theme production.

In example, we have made two skins for you to use. An App without skin has no vitality.

::: How do you bind theme styles

TThemeBinder lets components bind with theme-style data:

//!When the theme changes,This Rectangle will change the width and color
//!It does not break the original binding of rect
    width : parent.width;
    height: 100;
    color : "red";

        className: "Myrect"
        property alias color:  rect.color;
        property alias width:  rect.width;

::: T2D api docs

We provide online and offline documentation。Offline document support Qt Creator(F1) or Qt Assistant

::: Compatibility

Windows 7 OK Windows 10 OK iOS iPad mini OK
macOS 10.12 OK macOS 10.14 OK iOS iPhone XR OK
Android Huawei 4.4 OK Android Mi 7.0 OK iOS iPhone 8 plus OK
Android Mi Pad 8.0 OK Android vivo 8.0 OK iOS iPhone 6 OK

::: Development planning route

::: The last thing I want to say

Toou Please give us encouragement add star!~