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Showcase Workshop Public APIs
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Showcase Workshop APIs

Showcase Workshop is an elegant and versatile presentation builder and distribution system for business users of iPads, iPhones, Windows, Mac OS and Android.

Javascript Data API

A simple data storage API for use by web content which has been loaded into a Showcase.

See javascript-api/


See rest-api/

WebHook API

See webhook-api/

HTML Zip File

See html-zip/

Showcase Form

In the target URL of a hotspot enter the following as a URL for a simple email form:

showcaseform://{"name":"simple1","fields":[{"name":"email","mandatory":"true","label":"Email","description":"Enter your email"}]}

Name and email:

showcaseform://{"name":"simple2","fields":[{"name":"name","mandatory":"true","label":"Name","description":"Enter your full name"},{"name":"email","mandatory":"true","label":"Email","description":"Enter your email"}]}

Name fields must be alphanumeric, i.e. no gaps or special characters.

Note, this feature is enabled on browser, iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac versions of the Showcase Workshop app.

Hotspot URL Special variables

In the target of a hotspot the following variables are supported:

  • ${userEmail} - When the Showcase is previewed or viewed on a device this variable will be replace with the email of the currently logged in user.
  • ${userInfoJwt} - When the Showcase is previewed or viewed on a device this variable will be replace with a JSON Web Token (JWT). The JWT contains the keys email, first_name and last_name. It's secret that can be used to verify the signature can be found on your workshop settings page.

This is supported progressively for clients that have had releases since February 2020.

Showcase App Linking (incoming and outgoing)

See app-links/

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