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Angular Pointilism

Triangles for iOS!

In summary, this library is build from two pieces. The first piece is the triangular-mosaic image blur which can be applied to any UIImageView as an alternative (and prettier) to UIBlurEffect. The second piece is the shuttering triangles animation which (as far as I know) has no practical application and was built purely for aesthetic pleasure.

You may dive right in with the included demo; simply open the .xcodeproj and run on a 4" display

Feature set is twofold

#####1. Animatable iOS mosaic-like image filter #####

Note: Currently this library only supports XIB instantiation and has no exposed property for changing triangle size. (Would love to see a PR adding such functionality)

![animatedGif] (

###Output the filtered image###

![static] (

##### 2. Animatable Shuttering & Undulation ![mov](

This shuttering effect is best described within the context of cellular automata. The following properties are available via public API (from FFShutteringView.h):

 *  The amount of shuttering to show from the bottom up, and top down. A value of half the height will show all shuttering. A value of 0 - (2 * triangular height) will show no shuttering.
 *  Default is 100
@property (nonatomic) NSInteger topBottomMarginMaskLength;

 *  The number of frames that will be called each second.
 *  Default is 30 FPS.
@property (nonatomic) CGFloat frameRate;

 *  The amount of time until the class automatically halts the life of each triangular cell. For infinite life, set to 0.
 *  Default is 0;
@property (nonatomic) NSTimeInterval artificialLifeSpan;
 *  This translates to triangle cell density. The higher this number, the less dense the cells. This figure represents the maximum amount of time a cell may exist with 0 alpha. 
 *  Default is 200
@property (nonatomic) NSUInteger maximumAllowedDeathTicks;

Note: Currently, in order to use this feature, one must copy the 4 triangles for the xcassets folder into their working directory with identical names. This will change in future updates.


All contributions welcome! I have no agenda as to where this project must go, what direction it is to take; make it your own!