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A GraphQL-based Web App written with Go, React and MongoDB
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A web application that allows to query programmers with their skills via a GraphQL API. The application is implemented with Go and gqlgen on the backend side and React on the front end side. MongoDB is used as a database.


System requirements

You need to have Docker and Docker Compose installed in oder to build and run the project. No additional tools required.

How to build and run in production mode


docker-compose up

Access the application via http://localhost:8080. Access the GraphQL Playground using http://localhost:8080/playground.

How to develop locally


In order to develop the app locally the following tools are required: Docker, Docker Compose (if you are on Mac or Windows it comes installed with Docker), Node.js and Go.

Verify if your environment is ready by running the following 4 commands:

docker --version
docker-compose --version
npm --version
go version

Start the dev DB

docker-compose -f docker-compose-dev.yml up

This will start a local MongoDB which will be accessible on port 27017. The DB will be populated with test records from mongo.init.

Start the server

Navigate to the /server folder and execute:

go run server.go

This will compile and run the back end part. As a result, the API and the GraphQL playground will be available.

Start the Front End dev server

Navigate to the /webapp folder and execute the following commands:

npm install
npm start

As a result, the web site will be accessible on http://localhost:3000.

The changes on the front end side will be automatically applied once a file is saved. The changes in the back end code require restarting the back end.


The database starts with a preloaded set of data which can be customized in the mongo.init file.

Here is an example of a GraphQL query which can be run in the Playground:

query {
  programmers(skill: "go") { 
    skills {
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