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Zend Framework 2.0.0dev1
First development milestone for ZF 2.0.0.

At this time, the ZF Quick Start can be completely implemented in ZF2, and a
reference application containing authentication, ACLs, FlashMessenger, Markup,
and more has been tested. While ZF2 cannot be considered of production quality,
it is in a usable state at this time.

- require_once calls stripped
- test suite refactored to remove AllTests.php files, unused test classes/files,
  and refactor conditional tests
- ZF library switched to utilize PHP namespaces instead of vendor prefixes
- Rewritten Zend\Session component
- Added Zend\Stdlib component, with several utility classes, including:
  - FilterChain interface and reference implementation
  - Serializeable versions of SplQueue, SplStack, and SplPriorityQueue
- Added Zend\SignalSlot, to standardize observers throughout framework; utilized
  internally in Zend\Session implementation for validation chains
- Slight refactoring of Zend\Filter and Zend\Validation to separate chain and
  static call implementations
- Renaming of several components (see working/PHPNamespacer-MappedClasses.xml
  for details)
- Moved to Git for version control
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