Resources supporting published projects, including build diagrams and software. Issues invited.
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@ShrimpingIt Project Resources

This is a collection of resources including vector graphics and software sketches supporting the adopters of projects developed by @ShrimpingIt.


The 'sketchbook' folder contains software, known by the Arduino community as 'sketches' intended to be uploaded to the circuits when they are complete. The libraries required by our projects are distributed within the same sketchbook folder for your convenience. Thanks to all the library authors! We couldn't do it without you.

Vector Graphics

The 'vector' folder contains graphics depicting our circuit designs, which learners and educators can refer to when building the projects. These files are produced using a piece of open source software called Inkscape which is free to download and install.

Uploading Our Sketches to your Shrimp

To upload code to a @ShrimpingIt project, you must first install the Arduino IDE, which you can find here.

UART drivers should be installed so the USB device you use for programming can be identified by your computer. (drivers for our CP2102-based USB UARTs are here ).

Download this repository as a zip by clicking here

After unzipping the 'sketchbook' folder to your preferred location on your computer, launch the Arduino IDE and change your sketchbook location in File=>Preferences to point to the folder. If you already have a Sketchbook folder with sketches you want to keep, then drag the 'sketchbook/shrimpingit' folder into your sketchbook, and also drag the folders inside 'sketchbook/library/' into your own sketchbook's 'library' folder.


These resources are shared under a Creative Commons, Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike license, also known as CC-BY-NC-SA.

Roughly this means if...

  • you're an educator or learner, or you're distributing kits to others at cost, knock yourself out (crediting @ShrimpingIt and allowing others to remix your work).
  • you're a company selling kits for profit and you want to include the resources we've designed and shared to improve your customers' experience, then get in touch.

Issues, Bugs, Requests

We invite those experimenting with our projects to report any issues they find. This means we can improve the experience for future learners.