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Persona 5 Mod Menu

Custom scripts for Persona 5 that replace the square button function with a fully featured trainer Image of the menu ingame

Notable Features

  • Add Personas, add skills to any party member's currently equipped Persona, delete all Personas currently in the protagonist's stock
  • Add points to your stats (Knowledge, Guts, Charm etc.)
  • Add a specified quantity of any item, armor, weapon etc.
  • Change your rank with any confidant and unlock their abilities instantly
  • Change the protagonist's/team's name at any time
  • Clip through walls and explore hidden areas
  • Load encounters, music, fields, events, animations, and models from filename IDs
  • Manipulate the camera (reposition, lock, unlock, rotate, change FOV)
  • Toggle the HUD, navigator character, party members, romance flags and more
  • Instantly change the current date and weather
  • Add Personas and change you or your party members' Skills


Once you've added mod.cpk support to your copy of Persona 5 (PS3), you can use the Mod Compendium to run the latest compiled Release in-game.


  1. Download the latest build of TGE's AtlusScriptCompiler (source), which you can use to compile the .flow and .msg scripts in this repository and recompile them into .bf format.
  2. Also download TGE's PAKTools.
  3. Edit the build.bat file with the paths to your AtlusScriptCompiler and PAKTool exe files. Name your edited copy build_local.bat. Place the PAK files from your copy of the game in the input folder.
  4. Run build_local.bat.

When you run the bat, the scripts will be compiled into BF files and packed into new PAK files.

There are 3 different scripts that must be recompiled:

  • (for the field) found in fldPack.pac
  • (for palaces) found in dngPack.pac
  • (for mementos) found in atDngPack.pac Each of the PAC files can be located in ps3.cpk\field.

In order to be able to use the Mod Menu before unlocking the square button functionality,

  • must go in the \script\field folder of the mod.

In order to use the Amicitia UI logo for the menu,

  • sharedUI.spd must go in the \camp\shared folder of the mod.


Custom scripts for Persona 5 that replace the square button function with a fully featured trainer







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