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Automatic gizmo menu management for Nuke!
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Menumaker is a forked version of Luma Pictures' automatic creation of menu items script with a few neat additions! It creates a home for all your gizmos on startup so new gizmos can be simply dropped in the correct folder and Nuke will do the rest! The days of hardcoding paths are over!

  • Built in menu-bar icon support. (credit: Piotr Borowsk on Nukepedia)
  • Works with .gizmo and .nk filetypes. (credit: MatthewVerr)
  • Drag and drop installation! No more typing in your home folder path into the python script.


If you do not have a custom or in your root .nuke directory you can drag the Gizmos folder as well as and into your .nuke folder located in your user home folder.

If you do have a custom and in your root .nuke directory append the following line to the end of both: nuke.pluginAddPath('Gizmos/')

Start Nuke!


Menumaker by default includes a folder inside the Gizmos folder called HWTools. This is the root folder in which your gizmos will be placed, feel free to rename it and replace the icon! Menumaker will automatically add PNG icon images to folders, Nuke files and gizmos with the same name as their corresponding file. Folder icons must be placed inside the folder, gizmo icons must be in the same directory as the gizmo and also named the same thing. Subfolders also function as expected.


PRs welcome! I am by no means a Python wizard and I appreciate anyone who wishes to contribute! This has been tested on Windows and MacOS with Nuke 12 and while I see no reason why it shouldn't work on Linux I haven't been able to give it a shot over there yet. Let me know if it works for you!

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