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This addon is built on top of plone.restapi and provides a method to allow an editor to import content, export content or move content securely between sites. The exposed feature of this addon is to provide an easy-to-use UI for nontechnical users as well. In addition, this also checks for designated permission access and log all possible errors. This import/export feature will be applicable to all the Plone 5 default content-types and any regular Dexterity type.



The screen is accessible from Home_folder > Contents Tab > Action Menu. This addon would be only be accessible to people who have designated permission to manipulate Plone site data.


The screen would propose two tabs: Basic and Advanced.

The Basic tab would allow to export all the folder and tree contents (and the result is immediately downloaded), or to import contents by uploading files (about the data format see below).

The Advanced tab would allow to do the same but also to choose: - to include (or not) certain fields like-

  • dates
  • description
  • rights
  • workflow state
  • the fields to export/import, (based on schemas of locally addable types)
  • to choose the data format (Only csv or only files or both?)(Export)
  • action to take if content already exists (ignore, update, rename) (import)
  • dry run mode (import)

After an import a downloadable report file will be provided of how many objects created, updated, ignored and error occured during the process.

Data format of Export

The default data format for export would be a .zip containing:

  • a single CSV file with all the metadata. When fields aren't text, numbers or dates, quoted json will be used.

e.g. ` path, title, description, authors_json, ... "/folder1/page1", "A page", "blah, blah", "['shriyanshagro','franco']",.. ` - a set of separated files containing the actual inner contents: attached files + rich text (as HTML files), folders are represented as folders.

  • a log file reporting error(if occured any) during the export of any field/object

Note: we propose to use CSV as a default format because standard users are more likely to open/edit/manipulate CSV files rather than JSON.

Data format for Import

User can upload multiple files at a time, which primarily allow them to update mutiple BLOB files in a single import. Note: Multiple file upload doesn't mean Multiple Folder uploads

Min requirement:
  • A csv file containing metadata
  • Mandatory fields in csv are - {'@type', 'path', 'id', 'UID'}

This import module creates a tree like directory structure of uploaded files, folder and zip. Eg. if a file image.jpg is to be imported in News folder. Then it should be uploaded inside a news folder

The required csv file should be at root of tree.

If a zip file is uploaded(alone/along with other files), it will be unzipped by the addon and zip content will be added to the tree structure. After unzipping the zip:
  • accepted path structure for csv = anyname.csv
  • unaccepted path structure for csv= BLABLA/anyname.csv


This addon has a few open issues, which are closely related to import functionality. So at current status a full import would not be possible and errors will be logged in an import-log file.


This addon has significant test coverage of module. To perform tests, run this command:

  • ./bin/test -s plone.importexport -t test_importexport