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On Cydia

Googiri is a powerful middleware broker for Google's voice search feature. It allows you to handle searches with Siri, Google, or your own webserver.

The best use case is in home automation; use Googiri to send Google-quality speech-to-text to your automation setup straight from the jailbroken iDevice.


I made a short tutorial on setting up Googiri with IFTTT and a Hue light bulb.


  • Use Siri's first party integration features with Google's speech-to-text
    • i.e. speak to Google, get results from Siri
    • use Google to transcribe your message and Siri to create the reminders
  • Set a default handler (Siri, Google, or a Webserver) to handle normal queries
    • i.e. who should handle "how tall is the empire state building?"
    • default: Google
  • When you want to explicitly handle a query with a certain handler, specify it before the query.
    • i.e. "Jarvis, turn off my thermostat" rather than simply "turn off my thermostat"
  • When using your own webserver, you may return JSON to trigger actions on the iDevice, including access to every installed Activator listener.
    • Success or Error responses can also be displayed on the device from the webserver


Response JSON (check out the example server) can contain the following fields:

Property Type Description Default
title string Title of the alert view None
text string Text of the alert view None
style string style of the alert view - "success", "error", "notice", "warning", "info" "success"
activator string the unique name of an activator listener to trigger on the device (see a list of installed listeners by running "activator listeners" via ssh on your device) None
doneText string alert view done button text "Done!"
duration float duration alert view stays on screen. 0.0f is forever 0.0f
reListen bool tell Googiri to listen for more commands after this query false
context string give Googiri a context string that will allow you to maintain a context on your server for subsequen requests. It will be sent with every request in the query params "default"


Use Google's Speech to text engine with Siri.



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