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Keyboard as Trackpad

Yes, really.

Watch asdfghjkl in action on YouTube.

Watch it in action on YouTube.


Throughout history, we've invented better and better ways of interfacing with machines. The mouse, the VirtualBoy, the nub mouse thing on ThinkPads. But we weren't satisfied with the current state of input devices. As computers become more and more personal and more and more a part of our daily lives, we need better, more efficient ways of interacting with them. One of the biggest inefficiencies in modern desktop computing is moving your hands from the keyboard to the track pad. So we got rid of that. Yup. Really.

Introducing asdfghjkl , a revolution in computer-human interface design patterns, by team "Keyboard as Trackpad".

What it does

Hold down the Control key and run your finger across the keyboard. Watch as the mouse follows your commands. Marvel at the time you saved. Hold down the Shift key and run your finger across the keyboard. Watch as the page scrolls under your command. Marvel at the time you saved.

Challenges I ran into

Using my computer.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Using my computer.

What I learned

How to better use my computer.

How I built it

After getting the MVP working, I exclusively used asdfghjkl for navigation and input while developing the app.

It's built in Swift 2.0 (for the easy C interoperability) and partially Obj-C for certain functions.

What's next for asdfghjkl

Apple partnership is in the works. NASA partnership is going smoothly; soon the inhabitants of the ISS will be able to get more done, easier, thanks to mandatory asdfghjkl usage.


The correct way to pronounce asdfghjkl is "asdfghjkl". Please don't get it wrong. Additionally, the only way to type asdfghjkl is by sliding your finger across the entire home row. Just don't hold Control, or your mouse will fly to the right!


💻 Turn your keyboard into a trackpad. Yes, really.






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