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Making the world a bitter place.

Complete iOS feature set:

  • pretty intro
    • either a simple page view controller with pictures
    • or a really nice RazzleDazzle intro, time permitting
    • also use the intro to enable camera/location permissions
  • log in with Facebook & Twitter, saved to the db
    • auto-suggest people to follow based on Twitter mutual followers and Facebook friends that also use the app
    • can add email/password later, but fuck that
  • Main map view
    • upvote button to upboat your current location
    • press and hold to bring up the camera, release to take a picture
      • alternatively tap to bring up camera, tap to take picture
    • upload picture to s3, send s3 url to database along with upvote
    • Realm-powered live map updating with nearby bitters
      • filter by All, Friends, and Mine
  • Profile View
    • either the picture from my last bitter or a map of my recent bitters at the top
    • link to my personal bitters (list view, detail view is a map w/info/photo)
    • link to my liked bitters
  • Discoverability view (list) is necessary
    • We want "bitters around you" but also perhaps a
    • "Popular bitters from around the world" with surfaced content and pictures
      • kinda like worldview lmao
    • instagram-inspired with large photos/maps, doubletap to like them
  • Material Design Icons, floating upvote button for that modern aesthetic

Random Notes for the Future:

  • our refresh slider should definitely be a stretching bitter logo mmmmm
  • actually implement the MGLMapboxMetricsEnabled option in the app
  • put all of the map attribution information in the settings of the app
  • before open sourcing the app, remove my MapBox key from info.plist